Go where the love is

Go Where The Love Is

November 6, 2013

We all do it, run after someone whose love we desperately want, who we need to impress and who we believe will make our lives great if we can just MAKE them love us. But no matter what you do, it does not happen, they may keep you dangling or throw you a crumb of hope every now and then, because your attention makes them feel good or they may just ignore you. Anyway your love and attention is not returned.

We chose these people because they  subconsciously remind us of someone in our childhood whose love we craved and could not get, so we are simply repeating history. It’s always worth when you are in this situation thinking about when this happened before and what happened then. Some people who are aware will have a three strikes and you are out rule – if love is not returned after three attempts they let go. Its often painful to do this but it is so much better than years of unrequited love and remember whatever you chase runs away.

What some help staying with those people who love you and not chasing those who don’t? We have agony aunts and counsellors on-line or check out Zodiac spa for counsellors.

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