Get in Touch With Your Guardian Angel

January 3, 2014

Everyone has a guardian angel that is with you for this lifetime, they hold the plans to your lifetime, i.e. all the things you have chosen to do for this lifetime. They can not intervene unless you ask them too and whatever you ask your guardian angel for has to be for your highest good or that of others.

So although guardian angels are always watching and listening you have to ask for their help but it’s ok to ask, however you want to, so it could be prayer, a few thoughts, meditation or a conversation – whatever works for you. Then wait for an answer, be aware it may come back to you in a very different way to the way you sent it, words in a song, TV program or someone new in your life.

This is an easy visualisation will bring you in contact with your guardian angel and you can contact your guardian angel this way as many times as you want.

  • Find somewhere peaceful and quiet, where you can be alone for a while, bring in a candle and light it, burn some essential oils that help you relax e.g. camomile, sage, jasmine. Spend some time just staring at the flame on your candle until the chatter in your mind subsides.
  • Close your eyes and feel your feet on the floor, become conscious of your breathing, start to visualise every breath in as a golden light being taken into your body, this light is full of peace and calm, visualise every breath out as grey coming out of the body and releasing all the tension and stress you have.
  • Imagine golden roots coming from your feet into the very centre of the earth, through these roots comes a healing ray of silver and gold, slowly coming through your body and out the top of your head, it then comes back around your body in a huge circle covering you in a protective bubble.
  • From you bubble is a silver rope that goes into the universe; follow the rope upwards feeling lighter and lighter as you move along. Look at the sky and the stars as you move feeling freer and freer, try to remember any colours or sights you see until you find a building – it can be a temple, a church or whatever makes you want to go in to it.
  • Float up the steps into this beautiful building, look at how stunning the inside of the building is what can you see, hear and smell? Open the door into the room where your guardian angel is. Forget any expectations of what you may see, guardian angels will appear to you as they think it would be easiest for you to see, ask for their name and just let the answer float in to your mind.
  • Listen to what they have to say or what symbols your guardian angel shows you, ask them for help.  Rest with your guardian angel for a while and when you feel the time is right thank your guardian angel and using the silver rope come back into the room. Slowly and gently start to feel your feet on the floor again and come back to full consciousness. Have a glass of water to ensure you have fully come back into the room. The check out how you feel what has changed and what answers you already have.

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