Gem Stones to Support Your Energies

November 11, 2015

Throughout history it is recorded that different cultures developed their own beliefs and traditions for gem stones and how we can harness their energy for our betterment. Through time gem stones and their properties became associated with certain moods, affirmations and energies. As an example of this transition, is Amethyst, which has attracted people through its color and its vibrations for millenniums. Often used for purely decorative purposes, believers of gem stone healing recognized its many benefits for enhancing our intuition, imagination and inspiration. It is said to lessen the severity of headaches and addiction because of its calming qualities. Amethyst is also used for spiritual protection and the purification of your aura.

Another connection from our gem stone past to our present day is the color red, universally known for its high intensity energy. For good or bad, when red is involved you can turn up the energy level but did you know the color red and its gem stone companion, the Ruby, can represent new beginnings and the number one. We can enhance our own energies by combining our vibrations with the Ruby to help draw and ready us for the new possibilities and opportunities we are seeking. We can do this same style exercise with a wide assortment of gem stones.


Gem stones have long been used as a means for healing and restoring positive energy. To believers, gem stone healing is a gentle non-invasive form of alternative healing that works holistically to harmonize the mind, body and spirit. They will explain each variety of gems has a unique internal structure, which causes it to resonate at a certain frequency. It is the resonance within a certain gem that is said to give gem stones their healing abilities.

There are a variety of techniques in utilizing and releasing the energy of your gem stone but perhaps the easiest way to begin is to wear your gemstone as a ring, necklace or close to the area you want the gem stone to work upon. It is important to remember gems work on many levels and their effects can be experienced differently by different people. They assist us with our issues through their color, their crystalline structure, and their chemical composition.

If you would like to experiment with gem stones, their energies and their correlating numbers and affirmations, below is a quick guide to get started.

The Number 1 is associated with Red, the Ruby and new beginnings.

The Number 2 is Orange and the mystical Moonstone enhancing our ability to cooperate.

The Number 3 has Yellow as its color and Topaz as its stone to bring enjoyment into our lives.

The Number 4 is represented by Green and wearing an Emerald helps us to be practical.

The Number 5 is Blue like the Turquoise or Aquamarine we can wear to bring about change.

The Number 6 is the deeper Indigo Blue of the Sapphire which guides us to be responsible.

The Number 7 has the color Purple and the Amethyst to maintain and enhance our intuition.

The Number 8 represents the color Pink so you can shine like a Diamond to achieve.

The Number 9 opens the color palate to all Pastels and you can wear an Opal or Gold for completion.


Whatever gem stone you choose to fit your needs, bringing forth a positive attitude and outlook will only help your efforts. Enjoy!

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