November 12, 2013

Why does it make us feel so much better when we forgive?

We have all been hurt by the words or deeds of some else, whether its criticism or betrayal we feel wounded and then we get angry even to the point of seeking vengeance. This anger becomes a burden that brings us down, drains our energy, ruins any chance of living in a spiritual way, makes us brood and dwell on the issue and eats away at our peace of mind. The law of attraction states that what we send out to the universe we will attract back and can you imagine what all this will bring you – more anger, fear and fatigue

Along with that we  repeatedly bring anger, fear and tension into every relationships and new experience. Thus meaning we stop enjoying the present as we are stuck in the past, we can then become depressed and stressed, life loses its meaning and our connections to others becomes more difficult.

If we choose to let it go, and remember it is a choice, we release this entire burden to the universe and bring back peace, hope and joy into our lives. All by practising forgiveness.

There are three types of forgiveness all related to each other –

  • Self-forgiveness –allowing ourselves to release our guilt and drive for perfection
  • Forgiveness of others – letting go of wrongs and hurts from the past
  • Forgiveness from spirit – knowing we can let go of the wrongs we have committed in peace

So how do we forgive in a spiritual way? It is often not a good idea to go the person who has wronged you and tell them you forgive them as they will feel you are condescending to them or in a one down position. But when you practice forgiveness, you do not lose the lesson you have learnt from the experience, this stays with you along with the ability to stop it ever happening again. This is an easy method of starting the process of forgiveness.

  • Find a quiet space and imagine roots of gold coming from your feet in to the centre of the earth, keeping you firmly on the ground.
  • Ask Archangel Zadkiel to come close and let his wings enfold you, surround yourself in his violet ray.
  • Ask him to bring to your mind all the people you need to forgive and the events you need to forgive them for. If you start to feel angry or upset ask Zadkiel to comfort you.
  • Now take a cushion or doll or any object you like and imagine this is the person you want to forgive, tell them about the hurt and pain you have felt. Don’t hold back.
  • Now it’s time to tell them that you have released them from the anger, hurt you have felt, don’t worry if it feels a bit false the feelings of forgiveness will increase over time.
  • Once you have finished thank Zadkiel for his help and feel the ground under your feet once more.
  • If you find you still have anger or hurt towards a person repeat the process until it clears. If they are still part of your life now is the best time to simply accept them for what they are and stop trying to change them in any way.

Now you can start to see some great changes in your life –

  • Better relationships with loved ones
  • Less stress and worry
  • Lifting of depression
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Less need for alcohol or other mood lifters

We also move from being under the power of the person and situation which hurt us, we are no longer its victim. We are free of the past.

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