Follow Your Path

October 6, 2018

The Orient wisdom has just one word to describe a Path. It is maktub in Arabic, or kismet in Turkish. The translation is challenging for the western logic, “it is written”. Our independent spirit and logic protests against the belief that something as valuable and important as our life, has been already designed as an experiment in science. Of course, we define our path! Even though starting from childhood we follow the rules imposed on us by family, school, society, government, culture in general. Surely, there is nothing bad in the rules unless they structure and facilitate our growth. However, as the heroine of Aishwarya Ray in Princess of Spices expressed, “When the roots are too strong, they can strangle you”. Isn’t the comfort and security of so-called ordinary life often turns into a cage, a vicious circle from which we cannot find an exit? What path can we talk about if we stuck in place?

Modern life is so vivid with so many opportunities, offering the plenty of roads to follow. Well, then how do we end up being stressed, depressed, and lost? Isn’t that we are deprived of sense, of the meaning of existence? And plenty of choices perhaps just obscure the right one, the right for us? And choosing the one, we secretly regret to miss the other? Or is it because so desperately try we fit in the variety of systems to be “good”, liked, secured and, of course, normal, that we forget who we really are and what is our mission? How to find the personal path which would restore the feel of meaning inside and gives us power instead of taking away the life forces from us? How to turn an everyday hassle into a path?

Firstly, any path has a purpose and meaning. Before finding your path, ask yourself what has meaning to you? That is the key question. That is how we form the priorities and values. We must know what we like and dislike, what is good and what is bad for us. We must know what we are capable of and what we will never do. We must know which values, or, as the ancients would say, gods, we serve, for our choice defines the flow of our life. Simple as it may sound, it might appear the most difficult task on earth. Perhaps, we should meditate upon the wise maxim used in The Lion King, told by the dead father to help his son in finding his own path and occupy a due place in the Circle of Life: “You are more than you have become”. Isn’t it rephrased ancient prescription “know thyself” which accumulates the immense wisdom, because the more you go into the task, the more you wonder who you really are, the more you understand the depths and infinity of your own soul, heart and mind. Relying on intuition, studying yourself from early adolescence, it is always possible to clarify from what your heart beats faster, what makes you excited and inspired, what coloured everyday routine and refresh your feelings. Sense is that magic ingredient which gives the taste to life. Inspiration which comes with sense is an irreplaceable spice which makes this taste unique and never boring.

Secondly, path demands courage and faithfulness. Courage is not performing something extraordinary once; it is doing small things everyday overcoming laziness, bad mood, irritation continuing doing what you decide to do without easing and excuses. Following the Path is following your heart. It is not enough just to know your path, it is important to act accordingly. What is the point in buying a ticket and miss the plane? If we are aware of our abilities, we should find the courage to make the first step. And every choice suggests being faithful to it, taking responsibility for decision and being consistent. Long ago people were giving oaths, and the word was sacred. To follow your path, you have to keep the words even given to yourself in your mind. It will only increase the power and weight of your spoken word. If you don’t betray yourself, life will never betray you. Often, the complains about fate or doom are the consequences of the wrong personal choices, when out of many reasons we turned away from Path, and later found out it closed.

Thirdly, following Path demands sacrifice and commitment however, the joy and spiritual power it gives, are incomparable with those we try to receive following not ours roads. Tarot Fool’s Journey with the bright Sun and gloomy Hanged Man, lively Chariot and detached Hermit teaches that Path is often difficult and challenging and there is some sadness and fails but there is the great wisdom in it: to accept and welcome the consistency of change with the equal mood. As Rudyard Kipling expresses in his classic poem If “If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster, and treat those two impostors just the same…”

It has always been a debate in philosophy and science: are we helpless creatures destined to remain hostages of the defined paths written by others, or do we write our own destiny, are we the authors of our fate? Everyone decides for himself, but it is so important to believe that we are the heroes of our own epic stories, the kings of our own kingdoms, the creators of our own small worlds. World is as big as you yourself think of it. Life is as exciting as you yourself make it. The more you feel, the richest is the wealth of emotions around you. The faster you decide which road to follow, the faster this way is opened with all its gifts and trials. The faster you get to the next crossroad, to the next choices, and next experience. That is how our soul gains an invisible load which, as the ancients believe, is our true and valuable treasure to aim at.


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