Finding Your Spirit

November 2, 2015

Finding Your Spirit To Achieve What You Want From Life

Spirit is the essential ingredient for achieving over the long haul. Without spirit our motivation to achieve is driven by money, circumstance, prestige; any number of material world reasons, but none of those drivers will help you when we feel mentally, emotionally, physical and especially spiritually worn out. Spirit is our hope and dreams being played out in our daily achievements. And if we allow God to enjoy the glory, we can focus on the achievements we desire, without the physical world burdens.

You may recognize your spirit as your hope manifesting from faith. Faith that there always will be a better tomorrow and today’s test are for our benefit and destiny. When you believe in spirit anything is possible because the journey is possible. Once we take our first step in faith, our spirit comes alive and is our willing partner in our quest. Spirit becomes our close confidant and knows all our strengths and weakness. It works to make us better people while working with us to achieve our goals. Sometimes those goals change because we become better people. This is spirit at work.

Not only do we become better people though our experiences but our intuition and faith becomes heightened and essential to our survival because we build power and strength through our daily conversations with this guidance. It seems the harder our circumstances the rougher it can feel to connect with our spirit; but that is exactly when we need to turn up the connection.
Spirit can fuel us when everything in us is on E. It gives us the hand to stand again and to keep moving forward. We all need an inner strength to call upon and spirit is God’s answer and is designed to be our help.

Spirit teaches us to be calm and poised through any testing situation because we have mastery over our mind, emotions and speech. When we are short of energy and spirit, we can easily jump to being short with thoughts and then our words. And if we then throw in a big dose of our self-importance and pride – you can see where this can quickly lead to and what God through spirit is trying to teach us.

As a Tarot reader on Zodiac Live Tarot , I find many of us seeking out our answers through our relationship with spirit. What a beautiful place to start and we often pull one of my favorite cards in the deck – The Star. A magical card of the Tarot, The Star is the spirit within you that holds hope and faith close to its heart. She often appears when we feel we have no more to give and standing of the edge of collapse; with only the soft glow of hope and faith to guide you. These two essential qualities to a full inspiring life can help carry us through the roughest of times. It also shows us how brave our heart is and how concerned it is with the spiritualmand why this cards healing influence is at work in their life.

We always have choice and those of us who choose to follow their Star will be tested and challenged along their journey – but the Star promises a reward of a positive outlook to those who rise to her lesson because you have built a stronger connection with your spirit. You do not come to encounter The Star through easy developments and happiness – this helps build the foundation of our conviction – but it is not what tests our resolve and belief in ourselves. The Star originates in your heart, your intuition and your experience with the higher meaning in our lives. You can see why I think this card has spirit at its base and has such a magical healing influence!

Spirit is not all about tough times to make you grow it is mostly about our creativity ignited to start. Without our creative spirit we would be dull beats plodding along to another’s tune, all while craving our own music to march to. Imagination and inspiration come alive when applied with spirit. Now we have God’s eye on us as well.

At any age, the start of a new adventure can seem overwhelming or maybe unrealistic – life changing! But if we do not continue in life to take a chance or honor our creative spirit we not only continue to plod along in the same spot, but our inner light starts to slowly fade until we tell ourselves this is all we can do! And you know – it is not!

The nice problem we have when we come across this realization is we must honor the creative drive in ourselves to ignite our imagination to start. If we do not – we know we will remain stagnant in the spot we are now. Spirit encourages you to trust these new energies, to allow them to come alive within you and become a material reality. What is so cool, God has equipped you to blend these special powers with the spiritual to bring your creative idea forth into the world- pretty heady stuff!

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