Finding your Personal Happiness and Freedom

March 19, 2015

I wonder what answers I would hear if I were to pose the question: Are you happy and if not what do you think would make you happy? If you are thinking a new job, mate, home, business or any number of material or emotional desires that could be placed into that answer basket, I am afraid they would all be wrong unless you answered ‘living each moment in joy.’ Regardless of our place on the wheel of life, we can experience joy in the present and a present is a gift! God’s gift to each of us!
I think it is this acknowledgement of the importance of being in the moment is what leads us to a life of happiness and fulfillment. And when we live in happiness we can become infectious to others spreading our happiness around. And when we are happy we can feel secure in ourselves leading us to an attitude of freedom of mind and spirit built from a trust in the knowledge God has got our back! And the more we try to walk in God’s will this trust only grows deeper roots; holding us fast despite any storms, heat or coldness we can encounter going through life.
But how do we accomplish a state of happiness with each of our moments? This is where God gets to work with us. Patience and an unselfish attitude our two key ingredients I have learned that are required to be in my daily mix. When I truly apply these approaches to the people and situations in my life an inner peace is established within. Once that foundation is in place, it is not very hard to get to an overall experience of happiness and a freedom from being bothered by anything or anyone. How is nice is that!
I am not saying these lessons to accomplishments are easy though. I am a strong willed and minded Taurus, so there were many a times I thought I knew better than God in what I needed to be thinking, acting and how fast my life needed to get to that next place. Tomorrow was never close enough. Neither were all the superficial material trappings I could build up – how often do
we ‘buy stuff’ thinking this will surely lead to a place of feeling happiness. I have also learned while money definitely can bring a sense of freedom, making the money to bring you that freedom can bring stress and great unhappiness; undermining all you set out to achieve.
It can also lead you to thinking in a crazy, self-sustaining manner – removed from God’s message as well as maybe reality. If you have visited with me in my previous articles on this blog, you may have read about having been on the World Trade Center Plaza in New York City, the morning of 9.11.2001. I was planning an event with the Mayor’s Office the next day. While I listened to my intuition that told me to get in my car, grab my crew and head to the other side of Manhattan. It was not some great insight of what was pending that motivated me to move, it was in part God using my being antsy with a strong desire to keep moving to get me off the Plaza in
time. How many of us are zooming along thinking we are accomplishing something of value? While this attitude may have saved my life, the other parts of me, my spirit, my emotions, my creativity and overall wellbeing was suffering from this overbearing feeling.
That morning, it was initially reported by the local news a small engine plane hit the first Tower. Upon learning this, my first thought was not the people who may have been hurt or killed, or even a regard that we missed a disaster by seconds – no – it was whether or not I could still pull off my event with the Mayor’s Office the next day! Talk about a reality check. Mine started here. And God got to work with me right away. God used this selfish and impatient attitude to save my life, but it also made me feel a great shame and realization how off point my life was to wake me up! I decided then to start the work along with God.
14 years later, after many more lessons, highs and lows, I have come to the realization we can achieve a peace of spirit that translates to an overall happiness in our daily lives. This includes the energy we take in and put out, but most importantly the freedom to believe: You can do anything, if you put your heart and mind on it!
How many times have we heard this, thinking it was just an old cliché. What if it survived all this time because it is a truth and a credo to believe in and live our life by. Being an entrepreneur throughout my life, my own life could speak testimony to this. I actually never knew better being the bull headed Taurus. It came natural to me. The patience and being unselfish part
– that took the 14 years since 2001 to get that vibe and how beneficial it is to us! But once I did, it changed my life by changing my attitude and approach to every person and situation. And when I combined it with my entrepreneurial spirit – Wow! What a power combo! I would recommend anyone try it!
In Tarot the message of patience and being unselfish is depicted in the example of the Page of Pentacles. Pages represent the young and Pentacles our desire to grow a material reality. I equate the experience to the planting of a seed and how applying patience and an unselfish attitude will be essential to the outcome of your seed sowing. You cannot push the little seed to grow any faster, nor can you show the seed who is boss by withholding water, light and nutrients – you need to provide it all – unselfishly and at the seeds timetable for it to have a chance at successfully sprouting. You also have to do this all without the full knowledge of being sure of achieving a success with your seed. This is the same with life.
While God requires patience and unselfish from us, God provides the expectation that great things will be sowed in your heart, spirit, body and your material needs through this daily exercise. Without expectation, why would we bother even planting our seed? It is the expectation that keeps us planting! And the better we get at supplying patience and being unselfish in God’s garden, the sooner we get to enjoy God’s harvest for us while not letting the weeds bother us at all!

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