Finding True Passion in Tarot Readings

September 28, 2013

Claudia tells her moving story about how she found her passion for tarot readings through terrible tragedy.

I’ve always wanted to be those people who have known what they wanted to do since the age of six. How wonderful it must be to be so sure, so focussed. I’ve never been like that unfortunately. My interests were as widely varied as a chameleon’s wardrobe. Tarot readings were not on the list at the time!

I’ve always enjoyed school, and when I finished college, I decided go to University to study Nutrition. After 4 long years, I to graduated as a Nutritionist, in my country of origin, Brazil. I was happy enough, and I thought that I would build a career, that was safe and secure. In my mind, I still didn’t know if I would completely enjoy my new career, but I spent so much time and money, to graduate, that I wouldn’t think about changing my mind. It was just too late now.  But, deep inside, I wanted to do things that I dreamed of, I used to live in a very small town, and always had the desire to travel, and learn about different and always had the desire to travel, and learn about different cultures.

One day, I saw an opportunity to come to the UK, and learn English; I knew it was the time to go for it. Immediately, I told my parents that I would like to go overseas, to learn a new language, and to my surprise, they completely supported me. To cut a long story short, my life changed dramatically from that point. I struggled a lot in a new country, with no familiar faces around, but…this is a story for another day.


The point is, I even met the man who would later be my husband, who helped me a lot, , and life was ok. I was studying English, and had a part time job to pay my bills. I was planning to go back to Brazil in 6 months, and go back to my career, and my family. But one day, just weeks before I was planning to go back home, I received a phone call, and there’s no easy way of saying this: it was to say that my parents were murdered by burglars…

My world literally faded to grey, depression got the best of me, and nothing could bring me back to what I used to be, even when my biggest dream to be a mum, became real with the birth of my lovely daughter, years later, didn’t bring me out of depression.  My deck of tarot cards that I used for so many tarot readings as a hobby, and gave me such a lot of good advice, wasn’t interesting any more. Nothing was. I knew I needed to go back to see the exciting things in life, and have the adventurous spirit that I used to have. As a result of my depression, I had no confidence in myself, no dreams, nothing to look forward to.

Then, as the years continued to pass, I became more aware of how I was wasting my time. At this point, I was married with a beautiful family, had a job in a laboratory, but wasn’t able to enjoy life. I was still suffering and feeling very negative about the world… but I started to think about how my parents wanted me to be happy, and how important  it was to show my daughter that life is a blessing indeed. I clearly remember the dream where my mum came to visit me, and it was just so real, I decided to take her advice from that dream, and find my passion in life.

Step by step, I put my life on track again, I knew I had the power to release the past, and look into a brighter future, and one of the most valuable insights my tarot readings gave me, was that strength was tied up very much with courage. Finally, I was brutally honest with myself about my unhappiness and I embarked on some serious soul-searching. I knew I had my parents with me now, guiding me along the way. I discovered that my unhappiness was rooted in my lack of passion and I slowly began taking control.

I soon realised my tarot readings became more natural, and I was able to read not only for myself, but for others around me. The joy of helping others to feel enthusiastic, inspired and full of potential, made me leave a job as a nutritional analyst, to become a tarot reader. I finally became who I am, and what’s really inspires me is that I know my parents guided me along the way, and how great it feels to work with something I really love.

It is terrifying when you feel like your life has no purpose or direction, but finding your passion can change all that. Finding your passion is like finding your personal road map. When you know what your passion is, you feel motivated, inspired, and so much clearer about what your next step should be.

Following my passion was emotionally challenging and a leap of faith, but I never worried about making the “wrong” choice because I knew I didn’t want to be unhappy any longer, and I really hope I can help you to find yours too.

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