Finding Peace

July 29, 2015

Finding Peace After a Breakup

We all have been there haven’t we? We try to find ways to calm our emotional reactions and a steady stream of internal thoughts to move forward positively after a breakup. It can be hard to think peace can follow times of hardships such as breakups but if we realize regardless of who initiated the parting it was meant to be so you can experience a time of enlightenment and growth. It is through the difficult times we truly learn about ourselves and when we are brave enough to take this good look we are acting in God’s way to learn how to achieve peace in all circumstances.

As a Tarot Reader there is certain ‘How to find peace after a breakup’ insights I have learned through my personal experiences or the knowledge passed along from others during a reading. I hope they may be helpful to you.

Be easy on yourself. You may have encountered a battle of emotions as well as an up turning of your finances and physical property. You need time to rest, digest and gain insight to what has taken place. Spend time alone to ask God what you need to learn through this encounter. Do not be afraid of the answers. They are meant for you to realize an emotional maturity and

Value, respect and honor you.  After a deep hurt that makes us feel undervalued and unappreciated – energies which can leave us confused as well as injured – we can turn that negativity inwards. Blaming ourselves, feeling like no one else will want us or we will not survive are just reasons to preventing loving ourselves completely.

Have a plan. Dream and make a strategy to achieving your goals. When we release ourselves from pure emotional responses and welcome our point of view, we can confidently map out our next steps. Embrace change. Many of us can carry forward old habits from a past unhealthy and unfulfilling relationship without even realizing it. They become a source of uneasy comfort we need to break free from. Get out of the house! Invite the word Yes into your life. Move out of your comfort zone and get your heart pumping. Feel excited about the unknown.

Ego and pride are useless energies. We all can get caught up in a ‘They broke up/cheated/dishonest with me’ attitude but we need to be honest with ourselves: Is it my heart or my ego that is really hurt? So many of you I read Tarot for come to this realization through the insight Tarot offers for this experience.

There is a lesson to be learned. Be honest with yourself about your role in the relationship and its conclusion. A key piece to finding peace is being able to understand and forgive our role as well as others, releasing ourselves through understanding allows us to move forward.

God has a plan! It may sound super corny but believe all that has happened was to place you in a better opportunity for your future.  Stay focused on you. The world is full of well-intended people who are just giving you their advice to take; and I am sure they mean well but those kinds of individuals and the doubts they can place in our mind about the confidence in our next steps can be undermining. And if you are doing this to yourself – then stop! Believe in your mind and its capabilities.

Like the tides, let friends who are not positive or supportive ebb away. Relationships and partnerships breaking up can leave certain individuals in your life picking sides. If they are not on yours, give yourself permission to move on and no longer be concerned with how others are reacting to your situation.

It could be you are interested in upgrading your appearance to match this new attitude emerging in you. A great idea! Starting on the basics like hair, posture, exercise and eating well, all fall under the make-you-feel-better category.

You may have children you have had to help guide and care for through this time. Under the best of circumstances it can be hard to be someone others can follow, but try to be the best for yourself and your kids. Children learn about relationships from their parents.

All yourself to love again.

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