Finding Balance

May 23, 2016

Are you someone who is trying to balance caring for parents or children while working to provide for your loved ones? Or maybe you are staying in an unfulfilling relationship to satisfy others but not yourself? These what-if’s may differ in their scenarios from each other but both examples highlight the need to find and maintain balance and it starts with recognizing the need to find the equaling of the scales in our lives.

Whatever the reasons you feel life is pulling on you – you must take care of self first. Without you, whatever balance you are trying to maintain will suddenly topple over in one direction potentially causing a whole set of new issues. I know we can feel guilty or selfish when we take time for ourselves, but neither of these emotions charge our energy and attitude like some me time can. Whether it is taking time out for meditation, a walk or forbid – a night out or meal with your mates – we need to schedule the time. Just like setting a Doctor’s visit for your mum, you need to do the same for you.

One of the Key gals of the Tarot Deck is Temperance, an important female figure of the Major Arcana Tarot. This wise woman reminds you that all of us have to meet this feature of life, where we need to schedule time for ourselves to create and plan. This important experience of catering to all the aspects of our demanding life starts with taking care of our imaginative and inspiring selves. What is also so cool about Temperance, her imagery is one of reincarnation. All our pasts can become whole again – if we choose to believe in her rejuvenating influence.

Not surprisingly, many may find a Patience Meditation useful when confronted with the lessons of our gal Temperance. Her message is learning how to maintain relationship. We often feel we are being tested in how to sustain the flow of feelings to keep the scales balanced in our life. She reminds us not to drain our energy nor pause in pursuing our dreams because we can do it all if we do so with a positive and constructive attitude. Focusing on self so you can achieve balance is part of her lesson.

If you are someone who is trying to maintain an emotional balance in a relationship that you know needs to go by the wayside Temperance has some wise words for you.  This lady brings us to the encounter of realizing a balanced heart. Understanding the difference between the drivers of feelings versus emotional reaction is her domain. In many of the older versions of Tarot she is called The Angel of Time and encourages the reader to spread their spiritual wings.

And if you need to do this, I suggest you do so. You may be hoping you can maintain a status quo of emotional flow; not upsetting the applecart, but Temperance’s lesson points out you cannot stay comfortable within the land of Temperance forever, something will need to give, eventually making you to take a stand and move forward.

Her advice is simple instead of focusing on the emotional reaction that could occur find the solution that allows you to move forward while others can still maintain a sense of dignity by allowing the change to happen. Sometimes we get so concerned with the perceived confrontation that could occur, or feel we need to speak a certain truth – but Temperance tells us – your sanity and safety are what is most important. There are ways to deliver news that get the results you want, while allowing another to walk away with
a head held high – as long as they walk away!

So many of us can get stuck in serving only one side of the scales – and it usually is not the one tilted in our direction. I understand the dynamics that involve caring for loved ones, especially our elderly members and I applaud you if you are one of these individuals! I also understand how we can feel we have no me time or even a life in some cases and it is here I again must stress how you must take care of yourself. The Universe  has handed us a demanding and fulfilling task if we choose to look at both sides honestly – but God choose you and not another and we know the Universe delivers on good karma! So not only hang in there but go have some ‘you’ time too – this is the balance.

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