Feng Shui

April 29, 2016

Organisation is a beautiful thing. Organised spaces brings us a sense of peace and harmony. What we need to understand in order to revitalise and organise our lives is that organised people are not born organised people. They have to cultivate healthy habits, which then help them to stay organised and live better. 

Being organised helps you to attract more prosperity in your life, to enhance your reputation, have better relationships, and unleash your creative flow. Your environment needs to be in alignment with who you are,
and what you want to achieve in life. Your home has an energy and it needs to be in harmony with the people that lives in it. If you live in a mess, you may end up feeling scattered and frustrated. To apply the Feng Shui techniques and achieve organisation outside, you also have to do something on the inside, because our homes are a mirror of what's happening inside

Begin the organisation process by clarifying your priorities, and deciding how you want things to be arranged. Try writing down everything: shopping lists for groceries, holiday gifts, home decor, and important
dates. Clear out your clutter, get rid of everything you do not love in your house, and also carefully consider what you bring in. Remember that everything has energy, everything that exists on the planet is a form  of energy, and you need to place things in the house in order to let the energy flow freely through your    home.
Sometimes disorganisation hides an underlying problem. Messy people often have difficulty making decisions, clutter can make you feel out of control in your life. That’s because your clutter is in control, and
you’re not. You can put yourself in the driver’s seat of your life by organising your home. When there is harmony where you live, all feelings and emotions within the space is harmonious. 

Open the windows often, allow as much natural light as possible into your home. Remember that by decluttering your home, you push away bad energy and make space for new energy to enter. Bad energy can be created
simply by dead insects, old newspapers and magazines, and junk accumulated over time.

Make a master to do list in order to get organised. Start as soon as possible, the longer you wait to do something, the more difficult it will be to get it done. Dump the contents of your brain on paper:
Create a meal plan for the week, do a load of basic laundry. Be patient, you’re certainly not going to get everything sorted in 24 hrs, but try looking over your list and find a few quick things that you can take care of each day. Crossing a few things off your list will help you gain motivation for tackling a few more. Keep in mind that clutter can be physical, emotional, or spiritual, and dealing with the physical clutter first can make way for a better emotional and spiritual life. Blocked energy vibrations have a negative effect on our mental health. Caring for your home will not only help you feel better, it will help you interact more positively with others. When you feel like you need more space to breathe, changing the surroundings from time to time is the best way to make you feel better. If you can’t find anything, are always late for appointments, don’t have supplies when you need them, make money but never seem to have any, feel anxious at home for no reason, Feng Shui can help you to clear up the disorder so you will feel grounded and peaceful.
Feng Shui Tips: 

-Sketch your floor plan
-Place the Bagua Map, the essential tool of feng shui, over the sketch of
your floor plan by aligning the bottom of the map with the front door.
-Organise the items that represents what you want to achieve in the area
related to where your goal is in the Bagua Map;
- Avoid mirrors in the bedroom that face the bed, as they drain you during
-Add metal to creativity and children area to create movement in projects
and help children; wood in the family area, candles in the career area;
-Make sure to oil the entrance door hinge and create more positive energy
when you enter and leave your house;
-Shed light on dark corners in your home;
-Create space to create flow for the water energy in the career and
business opportunities area;
Brighten and lighten up health and family area and watch stress come down
and fun rise;
-Place your sofa against a solid wall, ideally, the wall farthest from the
entry, with a clear view of the door;
-Place a water element (such as a fountain) near the entry of your home. It
can be just inside or just outside and brings wealth into your life (Water
represents wealth in Feng Shui );
 -Keep the bathroom door closed (water is related to wealth and the
principle is that the water goes out of the home in the toilet);
- It’s good to have a tv in the living room, but avoid having one in your
bedroom or cover the television when not in use;
-Keep your windows clean, the windows symbolise your eyes to the world. We
want to be able to see and experience everything that life has to offer;
-For a family space, it's also nice to have a soft ottoman in place of a
coffee table, so the kids can be in the spotlight;


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