Female Archetypes – the Goddess

March 8, 2014

Justine carries on her descriptions of archetypes this time its the goddess who lives in all of us, but which goddess are you? Call us now UK 01302 513272 USA 1 813 699 4241

Like male archetypes female archetypes can be divided in two groups: virgins and vulnerable; while one goddess combines features of both.

The virgin group is so called because of their main characteristic – independence. Women with powerful Athena, Artemis or Hestia possess a focused mind. They deeply concentrate on every action they do and ignore even a slight distraction. They aim at reaching their target and the outcome is the most important thing. Secondly, they avoid traditional female roles risking being misunderstanding by society. Thirdly, they develop their talents; dedicate time and forces to hobbies or favourite job. They do what they consider important unlike vulnerable archetypes which feel the need to satisfy others.

The way to adapt in life is still different between these three goddesses. ARTEMIS, the hunting goddess doesn’t need anybody’s support to achieve her own aims, be it novel writing, studying a new subject or skills or training for a sport. Artemis can be a typical sportswoman or feminist and she does prefer the wild, nature, solitude and original ways to spend her time. Athena, a great strategist and powerful warrior easy adapts herself in a patriarchal environment by assimilating with men and reaching success in traditional male jobs and business. Her mind is so strong that she can be really threatening to weaker people. ATHENA is a typical business woman. HESTIA though belonging to this group is quite different from first two. Not very popular in the ancient world (even not living in Olympus) but this goddess deserved respect in the mind of the Greeks. She was the keeper of the sacred fire and without her no family life was possible. Women-Hestia’s possess greatness of spirit which calms down all those around them and creates a bridge between people that can heal rifts.

The vulnerable goddesses are Demeter Cora-Persephone and Hera. Their minds are able to notice many things at the same time. They feel dependent on family, more powerful people and circumstance. Often they happen to be victims but still can experience periods of safety and stability. They are relation-oriented and represent traditional female roles. DEMETER is Mother, nurturing and caring, sometimes too protective and inflexible. The need to give birth to children can be overwhelming. Cora-Persephone has two aspects. One is Daughter; another is the Queen of Netherworld. The woman with strong CORA always preserves her youth and girlish openness; as PERSEPHONE, she is an outstanding psychologist whose intuition and introspectiveness are amazing, making her a real queen for people. HERA, the queen of Olympus nevertheless feels vulnerable and dependent, mainly on her husband, submitting herself fully to his desires and habits and being exceptionally jealous of him. Women Hera’s realize themselves only through marriage, as they feel this is an act of mutual sacred responsibility and obligations. The word “must” rules their mind; and a divorce would be the biggest disaster in life.

And the last one is alchemic goddess APHRODITE. Her mind is both focused and open. She is able to be absorbed in her actions and at the same time open to new things and people. She combines the features of the virgin and vulnerable goddesses, following her own desires and not avoiding close relationships. Women who have developed strong Aphrodite may be called special women, unforgettable, mysterious and extremely creative. Any interaction with them will change you as they possess truly alchemical influence on others especially around change.

Acceptance of archetypes of women differs from culture to culture. For instance the USA resembles the ancient kingdom of Amazon warriors with their feminist movement, women’s careers and their involvement in traditional male occupations like business, police, sport. Artemis and Athena are strong there. Ukraine is full of Hera’s with their overwhelming dream to get married and rule their husbands and Demeter s with a strong need to bring children and creating really powerful bonds with them. Ladies from the UK or as it was know the ancient land of Albion may be associated with Persephone as they do have a good connection with legends, ghosts, energies and other parts of the spiritual world.

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