“Feathers” Do We Believe Their Meaning.

August 14, 2015

Witnessing the ‘out of nowhere’ appearance of feathers, butterflies playing with us, or the famous pennies from heaven are only three examples of what we can experience when we are open to God and the messages for us from our loved ones who have crossed over. I am sure if you have had such an encounter, you are thinking of your certain sign and what it can mean for you. Whatever your particular symbol may be the same faith is required of all us to believe in their meaning and that a connection is taking place.

When we believe in these symbols from God and our loved ones magic can happen. If we need healing, love and guidance, it is available to us in these displays to help us feel their comfort, love and direction. If we can trust these affirmations of faith we can also build a powerful link with our intuition and belief we can always connect with the higher conscious.

The Latin word for Priest, Pontifex, means Bridge Maker – the connection between God and our ordinary world – this power flows in each of us. And from this bridge comes a faith we can place in the ‘Feathers’ of our life and that they are designed to help us as sign posts to achieve what we need.

Do you need a sign from God or your loved ones? If you have never experienced asking for a sign from your loved ones or God, I can only suggest that you do because it is a feeling of love. It is super cool too because they or God will find a symbol that you will surely know when you make the encounter. If you are looking for serious guidance or even a simple hello it is all possible if you ask.

God even asks us in the Bible to seek out answers with all our heart. A strong statement in the belief God has in us to witness answers. Ask with good intentions and God’s blessing. Ask to believe if this helps. God wants you to know your answers.

There is nothing too small or large for God and your loved ones. They are here to help us and will use all sorts of symbols to let us know and to feel secure in their presence. I know I can forget this help when I am feeling rushed, fearful or insecure; the times when we need those symbols most and I need to catch my breath and take my moment to ask my question and then patiently await my answer. When I reflect, I can always recall several instances where God was trying to get my attention to help but I was too busy looking elsewhere or not being respectful of the message.

And when it happens, which it will, be honest and acknowledge your sign has taken place. I have known people who have gotten the most personal and direct sign and still tried to deny the connection. We miss out when we close ourselves off or are purposely critical of their outcome.

Sometimes God and our loved ones will move beyond symbolism and speak directly to us. This can happen through a chance meeting with someone, a medium or others who are sharing a message we needed to hear right then. These moments give us clarity and affirmations the word of God is being shared through these encounters.

Sometimes we need more than finding a shiny penny of symbolism to move us forward from a rut. We can also get an answer through our continued outputs of energy, time and resources that do not seem to work despite our best efforts. I have learned these rolling the rock uphill moments are clear ‘Feather’ signs I need to move on from my current situation into something new.

If we allow our ‘Feather’ connection to flourish and guide us we start to understand that all people and situations we encounter – good and bad – are designed for us to develop a deeper connection with God and to spiritually mature. The ‘Feathers’ offer hope and comfort during difficult encounters as well as motivation and understanding in which direction God wants us to take next.

God wants us to engage in direct conversation to grow and find joy in all aspects of our lives. God will do this in all sorts of unexpected and exciting ways. When we can become comfortable and accepting of our ‘Feather’ messages we are confident and strong in following God’s will for our betterment and sense of overall peace.

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