Do You Live In Fear?

January 24, 2020

Every time we are about to make a choice, or a change in our life, fear may appear. It’s important to identify the root of our fears in order to make a conscious commitment to stop thinking in terms of fear.

It’s very common to focus on the negative aspects of a situation instead of invest our thoughts in a positive outcome. What we need to understand is that when fear is behind our decisions in life, we become inactive. It is very likely that we will end up doing nothing, because we can only find the motivation to change our life for the better when we know our values and start living them out. Living in fear is settling for values that only makes us miserable.

Fear has the power to keep us unmotivated, because a negative outcome isn’t something we look forward to. Excitement and fear do not coexist; fear is associated with anxiety, depression, and lack of self confidence.

We need to believe in ourselves because living in fear can be draining and exhausting. When we worry about things, we are not helping the situation. Only when you let go of fear you are able to feel driven, empowered, and armed with resources.

Visualise yourself taking action steps toward something you want to achieve. Surround yourself with positive images. Constantly reminding yourself that what you want is not impossible, is be a good way to let go of fear. We all need someone who supports us and believe in our dreams. Today, I want you to realise that you can be your best supporter.

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