Developing Your Intuition

March 11, 2015

Intuition is one of God’s greatest spiritual gifts for us to own and finely tune. We all have it! And you can tap into the power house of this gift and develop yours further throughout your life by staying connected to its source – God!
The deeper your relationship becomes with God, the deeper your trust in your inner voice will be. It can be that easy. Intuition is designed to guide and help us and when we do things that are not God-like we can become disconnected and do not see and hear things clearly, leading to the disorientation of our intuition, people and situations.
Preachers speak about surrendering ourselves to God and I think it is this giving of our spirit, our trust, our lives.
That leads to the full development of our connection to this universal source of answers and inspiration – our intuition.
When we are children our spirit and our ability to connect with ethereal forces like intuition are heightened because we do not carry preconceived notions to feeling what our intuitional ideals should be or not be – they just are. Mediums and psychics mention this often; as children they first started to feel their ability. They also say, we all have this talent but many of us have lost our connection as we grow older and more tempered about what we should or should not be doing or what we should consider when we come to our decision making.
God can do amazing things when we listen to this internal voice. It makes it possible to understand part of God’s plan for us. Like pieces of a missing puzzle, our intuition will guide us to fill in those spaces according to God’s plan for you. How often have you gone against that feeling ‘in-your-gut’ or voice in your head screaming danger! We can learn very quickly how wise and connected our intuition is in regards to helping us.
As a Taurus I am a confident individual, often sure of my next step in life. I believe the role my intuition plays in my decision making is of equal value to what I would place on the practicality of the situation. And if I am to be honest, my intuition will win out every time. I also have to believe the voice of our intuitive selves is connected to our heart; its desires and dreams. If God only has our joy in mind, how could we not use intuition to get us there?
One of the thresholds I had to get over in my intuitive development, was differentiating between what I thought was good for me and what my intuition would tell me is best. I even could feel I was coming to the wrong conclusion from what my gut was telling me to do, but I wanted that ‘shiny object of desire’ none the less, and the outcomes were never pretty when I made decisions in this manner.
Not following our intuition could have even bigger consequences though. While living in New York City, tired after a long work day, instead of taking the many blocks to walk safely home route, I decided to take a more direct beeline home through an area that was particularly dicey after the sun went down.  Life is all about choices. I knew in both my head and gut this was not a smart idea, but that over confident, and now tired Taurus plodded ahead with the sun setting over the Westside. Within a few blocks I was in trouble, almost surrounded by a group of young men with no good intentions. If it was not for the intervention of what I feel was God’s
answer to my prayer in need – an angel saving me – I do not care to think what might have happened. He came as quickly as he left when I was safely where I needed to go. Not only did this experience deepen my appreciation and relationship with God but I vowed never to go against that ‘feeling in my gut’ of intuition again. I felt blessed to have intuition, now I just needed to use it all times!
My discovery of astrology and Tarot cards was started by my desire to have a deeper understanding of God and the universe. This was especially true for what I believed to be the universal answer to any question or need we seek through our intuition. When we are connected to our intuition, we can easy see the benchmarks and milestones God has placed in our path for our encouragement and benefit.
Tarot in particular has achieving the connection to this universal message of intuition as a key accomplishment in our spiritual growth and maturity. As an example, two Major Arcana cards are in part dedicated to this important understanding; The High Priestess and her sister The Moon. When Major Arcana cards appear in a spread it is time for the reader to have an essential life experience in relation to the cards meaning.  And while these two may share an objective to make the reader more intuitive and spiritually
aware – they go about it very differently.
I have also come to learn, that God sometimes needs to humble us. Not only that we become better people though our experience but that our intuition becomes heightened and essential to our survival because we build power and strength through our daily conversations with this guidance. This is part of the lesson of the Tarot card The Moon.
The Tarot card of the High Priestess reveals her secrets, no such luck with her sister, The Moon – this mama of the sea wants you to dive deeply into her realm, get lost in her world, come awful close to feeling overwhelmed and drowning – a dark night of the soul some decks call her – she is a Major Arcana lesson and that is the point – for when you explore where she asks, she changes your life forever for the better, as she cleanses you in the same waters and you emerge a more enlightened and confident you.
Dreams, psychic ability and intuition are covered under this card. So are magic, mystery and enchantments. All these powers are available to you, this is what the experience of  The Moon teaches us. Hercate is our Moon goddesses name and you can see why her domain is heaven, the earth and the underworld. This is can be such a productive card if we allow this goddess to do her work with us. While her deep seas may seem scary, they represent the greater collective of the unconscious – an ocean that has no boundaries and holds all our answers if we can learn to listen. Mediate to get connected to this stream of the subconscious, stay faithful and hopeful. Not unlike a seashell we pick up at the beach and place to our ear – we can hear the gentle roar of the waves carrying the coded message of The Moon to help you navigate her waters. And this message in part is delivered through our intuition.
Unlike her sister The Moon, who presents us with scary shadows in dark places to teach us, The High Priestess wants to give you her deep secrets to help you heal and grow. She is there to place belief in our dreams – even those we glimpse in our sleep – that is her domain. When she appears in a spread, she wants you to work with her – trust in your intuition and belief you can connect with the higher conscious. She plants seeds of change and new potential for you to seek out in her hidden world. The High Priestess is one groovy chick we always want on our side.
I think both of these fine ladies of the Tarot would agree, Tarot teaches this intuitive connection is so special God has placed it in each one of us so we can hear the message of the divine. What is God saying to you today?

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