November 17, 2016

Changing Your Destiny

If you are not happy with how you live your life right now, and believe fate has been unkind to you, it is time to reclaim control of your life. If you believe that you cannot change fate, you need to understand that you make your own reality. The decisions you make, either conscious or not, create your future, and Karma simply means the effects of your actions.

Our lives are created through each moment. Creation gave you the precious power of free will, if you use it wisely, you can change your fate. The way you think, determine the way you see things. If you crave change, you need to understand that the Higher Power can change your destiny by changing your mentality. Most of us do not realise that when we use our thoughts, we are preparing energy to be manifested into matter. When we believe in something, we are creating our reality. If we follow human values and focus on uplifting thoughts, words and actions, we can create a beautiful and meaningful life.

In order to live an amazing life, you need to take responsibility and be in charge of your life so that you can take control of your fate. The idea that you are destined to suffer or cannot change your destiny, is a way of thinking that holds you back, and a tool that manipulative people use to control you, whether you realise it or not. The truth is that your future has infinite possibilities. You can only fulfil your full potential when you do not allow destiny or fate, to give you the illusion of taking away your right to be happy. You are able to encourage yourself to stick to your plans, and find motivation within yourself.

If you focus your attention on negative aspects of your life, you tend to attract negative energy to yourself, because you are not building your life around something meaningful. You should be aware of your thoughts, and acknowledge the good in your existence in order to fix what you want to change, because if you focus on what you don’t have, you will attract bad energy into your life. There is a positive aspect to things that happen, even those that feel negative. Try to view your own life in a different light and you may find your attitude and your mentality turning around. Remember that negative self talk leads to negative thinking, so dedicate some time to acknowledge your qualities and to nurture positive ideas about yourself. Happiness is about finding genuine self-acceptance, and understanding that you are always learning and evolving spiritually. You can only change your destiny when you are able to find meaning, hope, comfort, and inner peace in your life.

Ask yourself what is holding you back right now, and how you would like to be living your life. You can truly transform the way you live your life for the better by focusing on building up your talents and strengths. You need to remember that when you ask for guidance from God, He will first change you, and then He will change your circumstances. When your thoughts are directed by Him, you will begin to love yourself, and be happy with who you are, and some of the things that were important to you, will not matter anymore, because you will realise that your priorities have changed. There will be no more excuses for failure, because you will no longer live in fear. God believes in you, but you need to get in agreement with Him.

Whatever you believe, you are. Don’t accept mediocrity. Each of your beliefs is influenced by good and bad situations. In order to shift your reality and your future, is essencial that you start to nurture your spirituality, in order to build positive beliefs. Keep in mind that you can change Karma in any way you like, but the only way to do that, is becoming aware of your thoughts and actions and then examining your beliefs. What you believe must be aligned with your current and future goals to create room for a positive change. Always watch your intentions. Your words and your intentions have great power. Start to fill your life with blessings, love and happiness  just by envisioning yourself succeeding beyond your wildest dreams.


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