Defining Your Values And Making Good Choices

January 3, 2016

Defining our values helps us determine our future actions and make better choices in life, and making the right choices can change the course of our journey for the better. There is a big list of blessings that comes from making righteous choices. I believe that achieving balance in life makes it easier to understand what’s important to us and to process and deal with complex situations. In our lives we face problems constantly, and we pay less and less attention to our spiritual goals. It is easy to focus on the wrong things and forget about the transformations our spiritual selves are constantly going through. Some of us nurture this belief that something outside ourselves will make everything better, but it’s an illusion. A big change happens when we seek to evolve spiritually and we gain self knowledge.

Try to be aware of your thoughts and feelings about yourself. Self-compassion is the extension of acceptance and empathy to yourself. Self-compassion is crucial to your ability to live a balanced life. Beating ourselves up is not the same as accepting responsibility for our mistakes. If you are self compassionate, you can still own up to your mistakes without feeling that you’re a terrible person. Meditation can also help us to achieve this peaceful state of mind, and make it easier to understand our true feelings about a situation. Find what gives you meaning in your life, and be around people who aren’t afraid to be passionate about things. Make the choice to surround yourself with people confident in what they want, because they can motivate you to work on yourself to become a better person.

As you work to fulfill the desires you want to achieve, put your best mental energies into visualising the life you want. Stay true to yourself, remember that it makes sense to prioritise some areas of your life. Love is greater than pride, ego, or any negative emotion. Loving yourself is the kindest thing you can do in order to find your own talents and strengths. Sometimes we can find inspiration in others as a way to improve ourselves, but no matter how hard you try to be inspired by someone else’s achievements, in the end of the day, you are always left with what you think of yourself, so try to live your life in reflection of your unique passion.

By making positive goals for your life, you can live with a purpose. When you accept yourself, you open a door to self improvement, and others will notice positive changes in you. What you need to realise is that what really define you is your effort, and not your accomplishments. Eliminate self-critical thoughts in order stay positive and honour yourself. Our emotions are a fuel which makes our thoughts powerful. When we think that we are not capable of dealing with something, we are unable to make good decisions and we make everything impossible to conquer. Be proud of yourself, practice self love and remember that what really counts is hard work and determination.

Focus on the positive aspects of your life, because no matter what your situation is, you are able to transcend your present condition. When you define your values, you can use your thinking and past experiences to improve the life you live now.  When you live a balanced life, your intuition can help you to make good choices and it is easier to turn to your faith to support yourself, and understand that your future can be as bright as you want it to be.

Remember that your wellbeing depends on you making the most of what is happening now in your life. Make an effort to notice your priorities constantly, and you will have the confidence and assurance in your choices. Keep your soul and your heart open to miracles, and have faith in how far you can go.

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