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Dealing With A Challenge

July 13, 2023

Today I read a quote that says: “Put your challenges in their place, and not on a pedestal’.
This quote inspired me to write to you today. How many times we give more importance to the problems in our life than we should? We can get so focused on what’s going wrong, and all the obstacles in your life, that it seems very difficult to see that we all are bigger than our problems.
We all have the ability to remain calm in face of any challenge, and avoid letting the negative events of our life take over. It is very easy to become overwhelmed by the problems we have, and, if not careful, we can lose faith in ourselves, and watch our world fall apart in front of us.
If you are facing a challenge, don’t let a setback make you lose your strength. In hard times, practice a positive coping mechanism that will empower yourself to understand that a problem is just as big as you make it to be. The more you realise that the obstacles in your life can not be the centre of your attention, the easier will be to find a solution to what is bothering you.
Remember to be resilient, and never looking the bad as being worse than it is.

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