Count Down to a Calm Christmas – sleep

December 2, 2013

Zodiac Live Tarot wants all our readers to have a calm, peaceful and spiritual Christmas so over the next four weeks we are going to look at how to prepare yourself for this wonderful celebration.

Start by banking your sleep now, have early night where ever possible over the next four weeks and try to make up for any lost sleep from those parties and late nights, you will be much more alert and ready for the big day.

Wherever possible have a set bedtime to accustom the brain to become tired at that time, try to stick to it to ensure you get enough sleep and remember some people need less sleep that others – Bill Clinton managed on four hours sleep a night….

Establish a pre-sleep routine. Another way to cue your body for sleep is to do activities every night that wind you down and get you in the sleep zone. Experiment with a few — what’s the most relaxing for you?

  • Try taking a warm bath. Use calming scents, not invigorating ones.
  • Read a book – by a small light
  • Yoga

Make sure your bed is just for sleep, don’t watch TV, work or use your PC in it – the brain then associates it with activity – there goes your sleep again.

Reduce your caffeine and nicotine intake, exercise and only eat a small meal at night, these will all help you sleep, don’t be too upset if you wake up in the night for some of us this perfectly natural. Still struggling try some Valerian or Passiflora from your herbalist.

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