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Count Down to a Calm Christmas – Food and Drink

December 11, 2013

Its a great season to eat the best of foods and drink the great winter staples like mulled wine. We all promise that we are not going to overdo it but most of end up eating at least three turkey dinners over late December and suffer from several hangovers.

Some simple tricks for those big dinners are –

  • take an artichoke supplement before  big meals, it helps the stomach digest fat and can also be taken afterwards if the blow-out takes you by surprise
  • if you are faced with a five course meal eat a little of each course and do not be afraid to leave some of your meal
  • avoid snacking during the day and stick to three meals a day
  • take your leftovers to a homeless shelter
  • Take a walk after a meal, it helps to burn off the calories and help with digestion
  • Eat coloured foods, don’t just stick to brown and white foods like bread, pastry and cake to ensure you get some vitamins and minerals in your diet

Its so tempting at this time of year to have a drink or two more than normal, but you can still limit the effects with a few simple tips –

  • Drink a glass of water or soft drink between every alcoholic drink on on nights out or with every glass of wine with a meal
  • Take brewers yeast supplements to change your taste for alcohol
  • Milk thistle will help strengthen your liver, take one before and after a night out
  • Be aware that your ability to deal with alcohol will be different from other people’s – so don’t try to keep up
  • Drink water when you come home from a night out and take the painkillers then so they start to work early
  • Make sure you have at least two days without drinking a week to let your body recover.


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