Count Down to a Calm Christmas – De-stress

December 6, 2013

December can be full of stress if we let it, shopping, cooking, relatives, parties and too much of well everything equals stress.

Try to plan  a Christmas with less stress, make lists of guests, presents, seating plans, shopping list, taxi numbers, babysitters, food allergies, must see TV (set the digital box as soon as you can). Then make a to-do list, split the page into four and title each quarter –

  • Urgent & Important
  • Urgent & not Important
  • Important & not Urgent
  • Not Urgent & not Important

Place your tasks into each box, those in the last  box should be scrapped as why are they there at all?

Check the others to see who can take some of the load too – do not be a one man or woman army

Take time with tasks like writing cards and wrapping prezzies, a little at a time means its remains a pleasure.

Now work on your stress levels, take time to meditate, walk, exercise and relax. Do some yoga stretches every day to being some peace and remove the stress from your mind – start today so the build up of stretches and yoga breathing is in place for the big day.

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