Count Down to a Calm Christmas – Being Alone

December 21, 2013

We are four days away from Christmas, we may have banked our sleep, watched what we have eaten and drank and done lots of meditation, but what happens if we have to spend Christmas alone?

Christmas always makes loss feel more acute no matter how long ago it was. You have many choices and options this festive season and it is only two days before some kind of normality comes back into our lives. It’s not Christmas just yet, there is time to make friends in your area, join groups and clubs, and offer to help out in charity shops etc., smile at your neighbours and wish them merry Christmas even if you don’t feel like it.

If you want to be with people there are still opportunities to ask friends to stay or to volunteer your services at a local homeless shelter, food bank, Salvation Army or old people’s home for Christmas.

Check with your local radio station or newspaper to see which charitable holiday events, get-togethers, or meals are happening in your town on Christmas day. You can also foster a pet for Christmas. Some animal shelters ask for individuals to take pet’s home with them during the holidays when staffing levels are low

Try to connect with family at Christmas whether it’s a phone call, Skype or messaging wherever they are and let them know you are missing them. The internet is also a great place to connect with others in the same boat as you . If you want to spend those two days alone make sure you celebrate Christmas, put up some decorations, send out cards and put a special present to you from you under the tree. Plan your day, what to eat, have those special films out ready for the afternoon, decide where you will go for  a walk and make sure you have something nice to pamper yourself with .

Make sure you have gifts to open even if you buy them yourself, ,decorate your home and play Christmas music – because you are alone does not mean you can not celebrate. Give Zodiac Live Tarot Readings a call and see what next year brings too

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