Counselling With Tarot And Live Psychic Readings

September 27, 2013

Can tarot counselling help? Can  live psychic readings with counselling help too?  In these times of change, transition, and perpetual motion, it’s good to have an oasis, a process that encourages us to slow down.  Or sometimes all we need is to release the fear, the ghosts of the past, that hold us back from the exciting things ahead!  In those moments of reflection, the tarot’s symbols and concepts and/or those who speak to us during a live psychic reading invite us into deep self discovery.

These wise and accepting aspects of us, are always whispering guidance, but 21st century stresses block their voices, a tarot reading or  live psychic readings should be insightful, enjoyable and educational.

A good Tarot reading or live psychic readings will empower you and make you feel positive.  You’ll discover blocks that you didn’t even know you had and be able to discuss ways to move forward.  And of course there is also effect of having someone truly focussed on you, ready to back you up and support your growth.

I feel that more important than reading the cards, is to be an intuitive counsellor. Sounds new agey, but I believe that a good tarot reader or someone giving  live psychic readings will have a frank conversation with the voice in the back of your head – a voice you try to ignore, and perhaps don’t even know how to articulate yet, but it’s there. It’s important to bring our inner thoughts to the forefront, and that’s when an intuitive counsellor will offer concrete advice on what you should do and address them, in your day-to-day life.

For me, tarot counselling and advice given through  live psychic readings is an art and a profound vocation. My interactions with the tarot have changed me for the better.  I love who I am.  I love our world more.  And I continue to discover, accept, and make more conscious choices about many aspects of my life. This is why tarot used for counselling matters to me, and from personal experience, I can totally say it’s brilliant!  If you want to know more, I will talk a little about myself tomorrow

Love and Light, Claudia.

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