Contacting Our Spirit Guides

February 4, 2015

The chances are that if you are a follower of Zodiac Live Tarot, whether on Facebook or Twitter, that you are interested in Spirituality and hopefully, you may even have enjoyed some readings or guidance from our wonderful team of readers online. You will have noticed, too, that our readers do not all possess the same gifts in order to provide you, the customer, with your specific reading needs. For instance, you may have a reading with a medium or clairvoyant, or an expert tarot reader.
One thing though, which I can almost guarantee, is that our readers will also work together with their Spirit guide in order to give you a bespoke reading.

What are Spirit Guides?
Spirit Guides are incorporeal beings who have been assigned to us before we are born in order to help , guide and support us through our lives here on the Earth plane.  It is said that from just before we agree to be conceived to be born on Earth, we sign a contract with our Highest Being , where we agree to learn certain lessons on the Earth Plane. Our Spirit Guides are then assigned to us in order to help and support us as we learn these lessons throughout our journey on Earth.
Spirit Guides exist mainly in Spirit, energy, or as light beings, whichever term you prefer to use. They are not visible in the way a human body is visible, but that does not mean that they are not there. Your Spirit Guide may introduce them-selves to you as a former Ascended Master, for instance, Jesus. Or they could be a person who has lived in former lifetimes, and after having paid their karmic debt, they have advanced beyond a need to reincarnate, and who now exist to guide us mortal beings. When I began my Spiritual journey in earnest just over eight years ago, my first Spirit guide was a monk named Joe, and he came to me during a
very troublesome period of my life in order to make me smile and laugh. When we become aware of our Spirit Guides, and as our connection with them grows stronger, we learn to recognise the different ways in which they communicate with us. They are always there, willing to nudge us in the right direction, for our highest good, but we need to learn to listen to their subtle messages and signs of help and guidance.

How do I contact my Spirit Guides?
The best way to begin to meet your Spirit Guides is through meditation. Please do not get disheartened if you do not see or  feel or hear your Spirit Guides during your first meditation, for it takes time and a lot of practice in order to do this. Meeting your Spirit Guide is a journey, and as you become more proficient at meditation, this will open you up further to Spirit’s energy, making your connection with them stronger. Spirit are very well versed with working with us mere mortals. They understand that if they were to introduce themselves fully and properly, and tell us all about themselves during the first meeting, especially when we are not yet used to their energies, that this may frighten us. Spirit’s energy is very powerful and we need to work with it gradually, so all we need is patience, and to set aside some time in our busy lives to make a conscious effort to connect with them.

A Simple Meditation Guide to Contact your Spirit Guide.
As mentioned before, the easiest and best way to begin to contact your Spirit Guides is through meditation.
Now, meditation does not require super human powers or even magical powers, it is just another way of relaxing and letting your mind wander. If you think you have never meditated before, I bet I could disagree with you and say, that, yes,  you actually have, but you were unaware of what you were doing!
Have you ever found yourself just looking out of the window on a grey , cold day, and wishing you were lying, basking yourself on a lovely sandy beach, feeling the warmth of the sun on your skin? You can feel the warmth of the sun, sinking deep into your body, warming your very bones. You can smell your sun lotion as you rub some onto your skin to protect yourself from
burning, and you can hear the seagulls as they squawk overhead, searching for food. You can hear children playing, and splashing happily in the sea, as they laugh when the waves lightly roll over their young, chubby feet? All these images begin to play themselves in your mind, and you can see them play out in your mind’ s eye? You may even have been called a ³daydreamer² at school, as you would find yourself staring out the window and imagining yourself anywhere but in the boring Math class, discussing trigonometry.
These kind of mind wanderings are basically a form of meditation, a way of escaping the boring banality of everyday life, and searching for something that brings more fulfillment.
Through meditation you can do this. You can contact your Spirit Guides and ask them what they want you to know.
Through meditation, you can talk to your Spirit guides about your worries, and ask them to help you to solve any problems.
Through meditation you can gain clarity of mind, and an empowerment to help improve your life.
Here are simple steps to help you to begin.  In time, you will find your own way of preparing your mind for meditation, and that is exactly as it should be, for it is then that you are listening well  to your Spirit Guides. Firstly, find a quiet room or place where you know you will not be disturbed. Put on some soothing music, if you like, and perhaps light a few candles. You may also prefer to dress in something loose and unrestrictive. It is entirely up to you.
1.    Sit  upright with your eyes closed, feet flat on the floor.
2.    Imagine roots growing out from your feet, going down into the earth.This will help to ground you.
3.    Imagine yourself surrounded in a bright, white, light, and ask for only love and light to surround you.
4.    Breathe in deeply, and let it out slowly. Continue to breathe in through the nose, out gently through the mouth. Pay particular attention to your breathing for a few minutes.
5.    Now you can begin to ask your spirit guides to introduce themselves to you.
6.    Quieten your mind, keep still, and just watch any images that appear in your mind’s eye. You may see colours ebbing and flowing, you may see sparks of light. You may even feel a gentle touch, or nudge on your body.

As you sit and concentrate on your breathing, you may also like to imagine breathing in the white light on the ³in² breath, and on the out breath, see yourself as getting rid of any dullness. By doing this, you are filling your body with the white light, which helps to raise your vibration. As Earthly beings we live on the Earth plane, which has a much lower vibrational frequency than the Spirit plane. In order for our Spirit Guides to work with us, they need to lower themselves towards our frequency, which takes up a lot of their energy. We can enable ourselves to connect better with our Sprit Guides by attempting to raise our vibration if we perform the
above exercise.  Just try to concentrate on being in the moment, and enjoying any sensations
you feel. I often just feel a lot of love and peace. You do not need to speak to your Spirit Guide in any special way. You can just speak to them in the same manner as you would speak to your best friend. Well, that’s what they are !

Aim for your first meditation to last no longer than ten minutes. When you feel you have finished, thank your guides for being with you, and ask them to help you shut down. Imagine that the white light has disappeared, and that the roots from your feet are coming back up through the floor. Move your feet gently, and open your eyes. Give yourself a few minutes to come back into the room.
When you build your connection with your Spirit Guides , you will soon understand the different ways in which they will guide you on a daily basis. Some of your Guides will stay with you throughout your life, and some will come and go to help you with certain aspects of it.  As I mentioned before, the first one I met was a very funny monk called Joe, who was there to help me smile and laugh again after a period of bereavement. Your Spirit Guides work with your energy, and when it is time to help you, they tune into your energy, and the right Guide for the job begins to work with you.

How our Guides Help
Your guides will arrange for synchronicities to help alert you to something which they think you should know, or something that may help you. They will send you repeated signs, until you get the message! For instance, while I was going through my divorce, I was very worried about the future, I asked my guides to help me , and for the next few days, I used to hear songs on
the radio telling me  Don’t worry, about a thing, for every little thing, is gonna be alright- the particular radio station I listened to at the time was celebrating a Bob Marley day, and this tune played at least four times that day! Then while I was driving about, I noticed particular advertisements with the same Don’t Worry message, and a van drove past me, advertising Angel water! This all helped me to feel much calmer.
Gut Feelings
Your guides will poke you right in the gut when you are experiencing something which does not sit well with you. You may try to brush it aside thinking that it¹s nothing. For instance, with regards to dating someone, your head may tell you that they are lovely, just perfect for you, but then your guides poke you in the gut. They are alerting you to take care, take your time when deciding if this person is for you , or not. If it doesn’t feel  right, chances are, it isn’t. Do not be afraid to listen to your gut instinct, your Guides know more about people and situations well in advance, and are in the position to forewarn you. Forewarned, is forearmed !
I believe that your gut instinct and your intuition work well together. If something doesn¹t feel right, and you ignore this feeling, your intuition will step in and warn you about something that is about to happen. For instance, you may hear a voice tell you he’s cheating on you, after you have had a feeling that your guy is up to no good, but you ignore it, and you hear the voice a few days later.
Or your intuition may just be advising you to get your business affairs in order. For instance, one of my friends, a few years ago, ran a fish and chip shop with his wife. He said that one evening as he was settling that day’s takings, he heard a voice telling him ³ the VAT man is coming. He said that the very next day, he sorted out his VAT, and he was glad, because by the
end of the week, he received a letter from the VAT agency ! Sending people into your life Have you ever found yourself thinking about a certain person, and then, wham! You bump into them into the supermarket, or your receive a text or phone, call or FB message from them? Sometimes we have unfinished business with people from our past, and our Guides decide to send them to us again, to
give us the opportunity to sort things out with them. For instance, just last week, I was thinking about someone I used to be friends with, our sons were at primary school together, but the lady and I had a misunderstanding, and we went our separate ways. Then, lo and behold, I bumped into this lady in town, and we started chatting  just like we used to do, our argument clearly forgotten. It was good to tie up loose ends. These are just a few ways in which your Guides can work with you. Always remember that they are close by, willing to help and guide you as you live your life here on the Earth plane. It is all about the relationship you build
up with them, and when you ask for their help, watch out for those signs!

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