Christmas Spirit

December 14, 2014

Christmas time is here, and today I invite you to start feeling the Spirit of Christmas. Christmas represents a magic season, because no matter what notion of the holiday we may have, it will always remind us that we are spiritual beings, and make us realise that our spirit can find fulfilment by practicing goodwill towards others. Nothing is more important than love, family, kindness, and inner peace.

The Spirit of Christmas speaks about harmony, love and peace. I want you to take this opportunity to emphasise all the things you and your family has to be grateful for. Instead of a shopping list; today, make a gratitude list. Reach out to friends and loved ones. Simply ask yourself what you do well, and offer it as a gift.

Christmas is in your heart and in your faith. Make the most of this joyful time and focus on growth, and renewing your soul with positive energy, in order to embrace the new year ahead of you.

Remember that you can find the true meaning of Christmas inside you, by being generous, being mindful of others and being kind. As a Christian myself, the birth of Jesus, brings me thoughts of renewal, and celebration of life.

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