Christmas Spirit

December 26, 2015

Dr. Seuss in his children’s classic How the Grinch Stole Christmas, has his famous Christmas hater character, the Grinch, reflect after all his efforts to cause chaos and loss to the people of Whoville and their Christmas celebrations, “Maybe Christmas, the Grinch thought, doesn’t come from a store. Maybe Christmas perhaps means a little bit more” He garners this insight after watching the whole of Whoville gather to sing and celebrate together the Christmas spirit despite decorations, trees and gifts having been whisked away by the Grinch the night before.

It is said that the person who does not have Christmas in their heart will never find it under a tree or in a pretty package. The people of Whoville prove this point to the Grinch in this favorite holiday tale. I bet we all can learn to experience the joy and peace we can receive at all times by allowing the Christ in Christmas to live in our hearts so every day is filled with Christmas spirit. “In Whoville they say, that the Grinch’s small heart grew three sizes that day!” maybe ours can too!

The people in Whoville showed the Grinch the true meaning of the Christmas spirit through their actions. Christmas spirit offers love for us and others despite our outside circumstances. Being with family and community has a real value which can bring comfort and support. We can even allow our perceived haters to come celebrate and “carve the roast beast.”

With times still being tough for many it would be easy to be a Grinch this holiday season, but this when we need the power in the name of Jesus Christ, whose namesake is Christmas, and his potential for a bright future. We do this by casting our cares to him so we get to enjoy the gift of true Christmas spirit. Christmas has that magic about it this time of year. Where we feel every day is an opportunity to carry this joyful Christmas spirit into a new year.

But what ultimately happens to too many of us as well, is we start to beat ourselves up by the negative thoughts that can creep back into our mindset when we disconnect with our Christmas spirit. Those thoughts can run from the holiday weight we need to lose, why did we spend so much, to why some relatives can be such jerks. Jesus can help us learn to overcome these spirit barriers by revealing one his other great gifts to us – forgiveness. Jesus forgives our thoughts and actions allowing us to forgive ourselves as well as others.

The two simple gifts of casting our cares and the action of forgiveness give us entry into the promise of Jesus and his birth, marked by the Christmas Spirit. All things are possible because of his life, death and resurrection. True happiness and joy of our spirit can be fulfilled daily when we choose to connect with the love of Jesus for us. When we know we are loved, helped and guided by his love our potential becomes boundless, our bravery soars and our Christmas spirit manifests in the manner of Whoville; loving, giving and forgiving.

This Christmas make sure with every store bought gift you include a heartfelt, loving message among the wrappings and bows. Gift your worries to Jesus and live your life as if you mean it. Allow joy to touch your heart. Be tolerant and loving to those Grinch’s in your life, because like the people of Whoville, you can make a “small heart grow three sizes that day!”

Merry Christmas Spirit!

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