Christmas Past and Present

December 4, 2013

It’s good to have fond recollections. As a matter of fact, I think is wonderful when parents and grandparents tell stories of the past! But, when we allow Christmas memories to dictate our expectations of the present holidays, it’s time to let go of the old, and get ready for the new.

The truth is that the real holiday experiences sometimes do not live up to the potential in our imaginations. There will be last-minute changes, money issues, presents that don’t quite hit the mark, etc.., but that’s not bad. There is no such thing as the perfect Christmas. What makes it perfect is keeping focused on what it’s meant to be—a celebration of the life that came from heaven and changed the world.

This year, I’ve decided to put away my expectations and enjoy the holiday as it comes. No pressure, no guessing, no getting bent out of shape.

Also during the holidays, while everyone is having a jolly time, there are those among us who are hurting. During this wonderful time, perhaps you might be facing some challenges. I know, for many individuals who are racked with pain and illness, Christmas is not a happy time. I understand how hard it is, I have lost loved ones and I miss them dearly… but remember we are still alive. As the years went by, I realised the loss of a loved one makes us understand how precious life is, and the time on this earth even more valuable. As my mum used to say, “Where there is life, there is hope.”

I do not know where you will be this Christmas, but wherever it is I pray that you will be surrounded by loving family. Christmas is what you make it. Wherever you are I hope that you share your love and joy with all you meet. The true spirit of this season is love and forgiveness, between nations, traditions, cities, families and each other.

I hope that this Christmas will be special for you and yours. It’s a wonderful time of the year. You have lived another year! Now sit back, relax and enjoy some quality time with those you love. And remember: the true meaning of Christmas it’s about birth, hope and love.

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