Christmas Magic

December 22, 2018

A busy time before the holidays keep our mind so focused on practical everyday life that it is easy to forget about the true purpose of this highly sacred and magic day. For many people the holiday is perceived differently: as a day-off, a chance for a long-awaited trip, or a possibility to meet all family members at Christmas dinner. However, do we really have time to think about the sense we put into all the holiday preparations?

Christmas celebrates the birth of Christ, the pagan tradition welcomes a newborn Sun, and some cultures honour the religious background of the holidays, in another culture New Year receives more attention from its followers. No matter what date or kind of celebration is important for you, the best way to balance spirit and matter before such a significant day is to do everything with the yoga approach, which means awareness. When buying presents, don’t do it just because you must, or it is nice, but try to choose something really special for the person you try. Exchanging gifts as a traditional way to celebrate Christmas can become a powerful tool to establish strong cordial bonds with the beloved, relatives, parents and children, and even enemies. During this time of forgiveness try to think about those who irritate you, cause discomfort or reveal aggression. You may not believe, but from personal experience, I can assure you that sometimes a cupped hand of sweets can melt even the most hard-hearted person. In my case, it was a neighbour, a real Beast from a Disney cartoon, with whom we were in a serious conflict. He was touched by a few sweets I hanged secretly on his door to try whether a “wonder” as it described in sentimental Christmas movies, can work. To my surprise, the “Beast” immediately paid back, having put a huge package with the oranges and other fruits at my door. Of course, many efforts followed, but that step broke the ice and showed we might bring the wonder of peace performing a simple act of kindness and forgiveness.

Turn your hard obligation of cleaning or cooking into a sacred ritual of creation. Prepare a space for Light, Christ, Sun or any other deity you worship by making your apartment your castle, not merely a cave to sleep and eat. Your home is your kingdom, and the more organized and beautiful it is, the more wonderful energies it will attract. Home is a mirror of our personalities and souls: every object, each detail of the interior should be clean, shining, whole, and, most importantly dear to your heart, be it some simple thing or a present which causes pleasant memories. It is told that what our off-centre vision perceives, influences a lot our mood and emotional states. That is why it is so important to surround ourselves with nice and beautifully designed objects to secure a positive and relaxing atmosphere, especially during such great holidays as Christmas. Every action you perform with the idea relevant to the holiday, becomes a powerful magic action. As soon as the main note in Christmas is recreating Light and divine birth, meditation upon refreshing, leaving the dead behind and starting a new life would be the most effective.

Don’t forget yourself in the holiday fuss. After becoming Santa for the numerous relatives and friends, it is time to pay some attention to the soul. If it is true that the heaven is opened and can hear our pleas, it is just the time to stop for a minute, look at the stars, and whisper your wish with hope and inspiration. If the tears or shiver down the spine appear, it is a good sign of live and vibrating senses. Christmas is the feast of fire, and Yuletide log is still much spread. If there is no chimney or yard to make a bonfire, there is always an option for candles: illuminate your beginnings with the colourful and bright lights, especially traditional red and green, the colours of passion and growth. Aesthetics is another important aspect not to be ignored during the beginning of the year. Festive decorations, fairy tale interior, precious Christmas tree, all this is good when you reveal same care decorating yourself. Chose your best dress, make a magic make-up, put on best jewellery, no matter if you live alone with your pets or have a crowded family, or a corporate party. What matters, is the feeling which appears inside when the mirror reflects a queen. The holiday should be different even from a regular party or feast; it should cause and leave a special state needed for transformation.

We all have so various meanings for Christmas understood unconsciously and without words, but what a pleasure is to share awareness of renewal, new beginnings, and kindness between each other, or dream about the future with inspiration and courage. Allow yourself to be a child: watch Christmas cartoon, play with the children, join celebrations, and initiate gatherings. Stay open, playful and merry, and you will wonder how much energy and creative ideas will appear inside you during this ancient and such special feast.

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