Christmas Crystals

December 9, 2014

How busy are you right now with so many things to do and places to go for the big day in just over two weeks. There is a feeling in the air at Christmas we are friendlier, even to strangers, we smile and nod watch feel-good movies listen to Christmas carols, you will hear people singing and humming as they shop. It’s a great time of year for most of us.

So with all this joy why do we end up in a tizz and a panic, especially when someone ruins our well made plans?

First thing is to calm down. In fact don’t wait till Christmas Eve, calm down now. Relax, chill, and meditate every day on the run up to Christmas, treat yourself to a present from you. Use some crystals to bring calm, love and happiness to your home over the season.

Calcite brings you calm. Red and honey calcite are good for physical relaxation. Blue calcite works on the mind to ease any worries, the green variety will help calm your emotions and feelings.

Garnet will bring you energy, simply place it close to heart for an hour or two and let it fill you with a warm spiritual energy.

Use clear quartz as Christmas decorations, bring their energy in to your house and allow them to cleanse away any negative energy hanging around.

Pyrite is brilliant for empowering you, so your irritating neighbours, boring relatives and other people’s opinions will just wash over you, place it on the windowsill to reflect good will around your home.

For those who may not be having such a good time Azurite will soothe unhappiness, Abalone, Aragonite, Carnelian will ease loneliness and Aquamarine will help you let go of all of your responsibilities.

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