Channelling Energy

February 12, 2015

What does channelling energy mean to you?

It is often a term which is used in our line of work to mean the drawing up of a life force and working with it in order to provide mediumship readings and healing to others.

But is that all it means? That seems to be a very simplistic viewpoint ,I fear. And if you performed a Google search for “channelling  energy”, you would be faced with a myriad websites and YouTube videos demonstrating energy channelling in order for you to begin to understand the term “ channelling energy”. There are thousands of them out there, have a look.

And now, I must admit that I may even be doing the same thing. For, I believe and I fear that I am serving  those practitioners  who channel and work with energy every day, an injustice , by merely describing it in the above terms.

When we truly start to work with energy, it  can enhance our lives completely, and we begin to grow in understanding just how magical life really is.

I wish I were a gifted artist for  I would endeavour to paint what “ channelling energy” means for me and then maybe you would begin to understand the wonder and beauty of it. But alas, I am not. My “words” are my “paint”, dear readers, so if you will just bear with me, I will begin……


What is Energy?

Life energy flows  all around us all and throughout  the Universe. It also exists as an energy field.  You may have heard of one’s aura? Well, your aura is your energy field, and you draw on the life energy and bring it into your field every day. Every time we connect with another person , we unconsciously draw their energy into our aura, which explains how some people can make you feel uplifted when you are in their company, and how others seem to drain you completely of energy.

Yes, you say to yourself, I already know that, and I know that I draw in the life force every day. I mean, I’m breathing, aren’t I ?

Ah, but did you know that you can consciously channel this energy, and work with it to achieve what you want to achieve?

Channelling, means exactly that: you are opening up a “channel” to a frequency, where you can understand the messages you receive. I liken it to tuning in the radio , we need to raise our vibrational frequency higher in order to channel this energy. The energy will then convert to a medium through which we are able to work with. We may “see” images in our mind’s eye; we may “hear” voices; we may “feel” these messages, or we may just have a very deep knowingness. When we channel the energy, we channel it in a way which suits our strengths.

The type of connection you make, is entirely up to you. Mediums/ clairvoyants connect with a higher level of consciousness, opening up their minds and souls to a Higher Being  so that a much more refined frequency can filter through them: that is why they are called “ mediums”- they are the “medium” through which higher beings connect with in order to pass on messages. Of course, for anything good or pure, there is a darker side, and if you want to channel energy, please be aware of only channelling a lighter, more pure energy from your Higher Consciousness .. ( method to follow).


Who Can Channel Energy?

The simple answer is: everyone!

We channel energy every single second of every single day, whether unconsciously or consciously.

Some people may say “ Oh, you need a special gift to channel energy”. I say, we are ALL special, and we ALL possess the “gift”  to do this.

When people talk about others having the “gift”, I believe that it is simply because that person’s soul has just developed at a quicker rate than someone whose Spiritual journey begins later on in life.

Personally, when I was 19 years old, and reading Modern Foreign Languages at University, I went to a Psychic fair one day in the city, out of curiosity  and because I had always had an interest in “ghosts”, which of course, we call “Spirit”. It was my first ever proper reading.

During the reading, which was a very interesting one, I recall being told by the psychic medium that one day, I would be working just like her. She looked into my eyes and told me she could see it in my eyes, but until then, I would have to go through a lot of life, and when the time arrived, “it” would find me, and begin to work with me.

She mentioned that she was a medium and contacted Spirit, and for me, hearing that, I thought “ Wow!!, that is truly magical”.  I couldn’t see, though, how I would ever be able to do what she did, as it felt as though it was way out of reach for me. And, yes, she was right in that respect, for at the time, it WAS out of reach. I was also, quite sceptical about her predications for me working as a medium because at the time I was very focused on finishing and gaining my language degree, and going to live abroad after my graduation.

Moving on, twenty five years later, and this is how I have worked now for just over eight years. Consciously channelling energy every day now comes naturally to me, but it has taken a lot of time, patience and practice, and I believe that I still have a long journey ahead of me. But I know that  I shall be channelling this energy until the day I draw my last breath here on the Earth plane, before going to Spirit. My nineteen year old self thought it would be magical to work as a medium, and now my forty-four year old self still believes this.  There is never a day goes by where I am not amazed by the blessings you can bring into your life once you start to consciously channel this higher and finer energy.

I hope this answers your question on who can channel energy.


How Do I Summon the Energy?

Try this exercise a few times every day until you feel that you summon the energy naturally.

At the beginning, though, you may feel a little dizzy, if that is the case, then by all means, take a break , and proceed  when you feel more able to.

1. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, arms hanging loosely by your sides, palms facing upward.

2. Now, in your mind’s eye, “see” the life force, or energy, coming up through your feet from the ground, and down through your body from above.

3. See this energy build and grow inside your body, see it flow throughout.

4. See the white light fill your arms and continue to fill them until it settles in your hands.

5 Now see this white light build up in the palm of your hands.

6. See the white light gather and form itself into a ball

7 Focus on keeping the energy in the palm of your hand, breathing in and out gently.

As you perform this exercise you will almost certainly feel a tingling sensation around your body, and when it gathers and settles in your palms, this will feel quite heavy, as though you are holding two heavy balls. This is all good. You have summoned the energy. This is the energy we “channel” when we work with energy.

Channelling The Energy

When you are used to the energy,  you may like to channel this energy into another person.

You may feel that you will not know what to do nor where to place your hands when you begin to work with a “live” person, but trust me, you will.

This energy is very clever, as it just knows where it has to go, and you will be guided where to place your hands. Even as I write this, and as you read this,  you may feel somewhat dubious, because words cannot merely describe how it works. But trust the energy: it does work .

The best thing initially to do is to take off any rings and watches that you may be doing, and ensure your client is not wearing any either. These do tend to interfere with the energy.

Trust and believe that the energy will flow.

Usually when working with your client, they will remain fully clothed, lying underneath a warm blanket, as sometimes the energies can make one feel cold.

There is no need to physically place your hands on your client.

This type of healing/ channelling energy is just perfect for those people who feel uncomfortable receiving treatments where they need to remove their clothes, and for those who do not like to be physically touched.


Ask your client to lie down on their back.

Standing just behind their head, begin by seeing the energy flow through you and gather in the palms of your hands.

See this energy, and believe it to be so.

Now, lifting your arms up, palms facing downwards, gently hover your hands over your client’s Crown chakra which is just above the head. See the energy flow through your palms and into this chakra.  The colour associated with this chakra’s energy is white. Let the energy run for a few moments, see the white light build and grow. You will be guided when you need to work on the next chakra..

Next, let the energy flow through to the Third Eye chakra, which is situated about an inch above the eyebrows, in the middle of the forehead. See the indigo blue energy build and flow through to this chakra. You may feel a different type of energy here compared to the Crown Chakra.  It may feel lighter, or denser than the energy which you met with in the Crown Chakra. Again, you will be guided as to how long to let the energy flow here.

Work your way through the other five chakras:

The Throat chakra  is based where the Adam’s apple is. This chakra’s colour is blue. See the blue energy build and grow. Again, go by what you are guided to do. The colours of each chakra will vary in density depending if your client is experiencing any blocks in that particular area. For instance, you may begin work on this chakra and “see” that the blue energy colour is bright and light, and you may feel that you do not need to focus the healing energy for too long in this particular chakra.

Next, moving on to the Heart chakra, whose colour associated with it is green. The heart chakra is situated a few inches directly below the throat chakra, in the middle of the chest. See the energy flow through to this chakra, and focus on the chakra being healed.

Moving towards the Solar Plexus which is situated just a few inches above the naval ,below the chest area. This is the area usually where you feel “winded” if something hits you there. The solar plexus’s colour is yellow, and again, be guided by what you see in your mind’s eye when you are focusing in this area.

The sixth chakra to work on is the Sacral chakra which is based in the pelvic region, below the naval, and just above the pelvic bone. The colour associated with this is orange. Imagine seeing this orange energy swirling and growing and building.

The last chakra to work on is the base chakra, whose colour is red. The base chakra is situated between the legs, in the genital area. This is where our base energy, the energy which motivates and empowers us is situated. See this red energy build and grow.

When you are guided to finish the healing session, make your way back to the crown chakra. Thank those for helping you to work with the energy. Allow the client to come back into the room, open their eyes when they are ready.

Drinking a glass of water after the healing session is normally good practice.

By opening up to the energy, you may find that you begin to receive messages which you may like to pass on to your client.

Don’t forget, too, that as you channel the healing energy to pass to your client, you are able to ask for this healing energy to be passed to you too.

Please note, that energy healing is a complementary practice. For any health concerns, please see your medical practitioner. 


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