Changing Your Thought’s….. Process and Behavior.

May 14, 2015

If you have ever experienced a Tarot reading you may have encountered several key cards that relate to changing the conversation within our own minds to one that is positive and constructive, so that we are not only better to ourselves but with others as well.  With exercise this optimistic outlook can touch every aspect of our lives; helping to lead to a greater joy with life regardless of our material realities. There also are several Astrology signs that need to keep this mastery of our thoughts in mind as they navigate through life – I am one of those Zodiac signs!

As a Taurus I intimately know the bull-headed aspect of my sign and why this powerful animal is representative of this Astrology sign. When put to good use, being focused and strong can be effective tools for good but when the animal rage and single-minded way of thinking kicks-in watch out! A bull in a china shop is an understandable cliché when this side wins out over reason – nothing is left standing after we have come through with this energy.
It took me a very long time to get this wild bull side of me under control and it started with my own thoughts.

The super-secret I realized to starting my mind off on the right track is two simple exercises I apply daily – being grateful and hopeful. My personal belief in a higher power that is helping to guide me easily leads me to being grateful for all I have and my feelings of being optimist that every day good things will happen through me and to me.  I said these are easy exercises to apply but it took me a long time to realize if we can learn to enjoy the ride and not worry what we think tomorrow should be we can release any pent up anxiety whether tomorrow will deliver and let God’s will be done.

As a Taurus, I could also be a bit of a control freak thinking I knew better than what God’s plan was for me – but where I have ended up I could never have dreamed for myself and it is the most perfect fit for who I am. I only could have arrived at my paradise by letting God’s plan unfold not mine. And I bet many of you have experienced like me, your plan was no longer working but was also no longer making you happy; and when we are unhappy just about everyone around us gets effected.

Do not be afraid to take a hard look at yourself and your behavior. This insight is only helpful in overcoming any areas where we need to improve. And if you understand you are being a bummer to yourself and or others work to change this behavior by changing the way you look at life and the way you approach it. If you are critical of yourself chances are you are critical of others.
We can stop these style behaviors by being aware and working hard to replace negative thoughts and actions with ones that build up ourselves and others. It is just a change of perspective really.

Be honest enough to recognize if you are truly happy. Like a bull stuck in the mud, I could have a tendency to stay rooted in the place I built up even though I was craving change. Sometimes it takes great upheaval and testing to get us to look at things in a new way. But with every great change I learned to embrace, the easier the transitions became. Those I fought brought on fear and insecurities that can torment the mind and undermined all my efforts. By opening my mind to all possibilities and not only what I thought was possible, I learned to listen to my spirit and to understand God’ sign posts if I was on the right track or not.

Apply your positive thinking daily. I thought I would be doing just that until I would encounter someone who could ‘get under my skin’ as they say – all thought and for that matter reason could fly out the window if I felt I needed to prove a point or have a whine. I found it was much easier and I felt much better if I just changed the way I was thinking and viewing things and went with the flow with people who frustrate me and just do the thing I was whining about.
This too took a great deal of time to learn but my life and behavior is so happy I did.

Find outlets that allow you to get on the right track of thinking in the most positive manner about yourself and your life. The Tarot inspires us to be brave in our life by stepping out to greet our hopeful opportunities. Do not just stay in one place in your mind – make sure the conversation in your head is one that builds you up and inspires you by embracing a hopeful and grateful outlook that anything is possible! If you set your mind to it – It is!

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