Changing Your Career Path

May 5, 2016

If any of the following words apply to you and your current on-going career – a career change could be calling and you should embrace this idea like a best friend because it will be! If you are feeling a daily dose of being creatively stagnant having reached a point of a been-there-done-that attitude, or feel like you keep pushing the proverbial career rock up the hill to only have it fall back upon you. You could be thinking I will turn my hobby or something I love to do into a material revenue generating reality one day. Or maybe you are working with others who have a different character, ethical or integrity outlook than yourself.  Maybe they are mean and bullying in addition to other flaws.

We could be looking towards the heavens for a miracle or divine intervention to make things work out where we currently are or maybe we can take a different viewpoint with the Universe and realize it is the Universe who has continually been trying to get your attention so you will change your situation by being proactive and positive about the future.

When a crossroads hits our hearts in regards to our career and we have taken up that challenge we soon come to understand change should make us excited for what universe has in store for us instead of one of fear and defeat. As they say “change is the only constant” and it can represent the universe at work in our lives.

By digging deep to understand ourselves and our dreams we can ensure we allow one cycle of career life to end so another can begin. We need to make sure we are not just tired from staying too long in a work situation that has grown stagnant causing us additional stress to think our struggles will continue when in reality it is the Universe trying to get out us to look in a new direction.

When we replace fear with faith and hope we can start to feel secure in the Universe has for us. How many of us have tried desperately to control a work situation or outcome that in our heart we know has needed to go by the wayside for far too long. It is only when we release this grip, sometimes out of sheer exhaustion, that the Universe gets to work to clear the rest so we can finally see the way forward.

I often ask my Tarot clients who find themselves at this juncture- a desire to explore new career options with something more aligned with their spirit and heart and something I found I needed to ask myself at several points in my life. You know where you are now do you want to stay? We all are blessed with the opportunity of choices. So if you had a choice of your dreams to be fulfilled would you stay where you are to make them happen or would you make a move in a new direction?
Every time it is the heart that wins out! And it is this reconnection with heart that ignites their journey forward.

You can believe what I am saying if you are thinking along these lines of career changes. I was a New York City business executive for over 25 years working with celebrities, government leaders, going to the cool places – all the props someone of my Earth sign could desire – but my creative heart was bored and my spirit was not fulfilled – and then – almost out of the blue – I decided to turn to Tarot as a career – my love of the same many years! I have never been happier! This is the magic and out of the box thinking offered to you for having the faith to do what is good for you!

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