Silhouette of a single father on vacation with his two kids

Being a Single Parent

November 25, 2017

Being a single parent can leave you with feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt. Facing having to raise your children on your own without the support from your partner, can be a very overwhelming and stressful time in your life. When you are raising your child as a single parent, you may think that you will Read more…

Romantic Love

The Faces Of Love.

November 19, 2017

How often we use the word love! However, do we always aware of the content we contribute to it? Is this word alive, or just a set of sounds? Nowadays, love is often mixed and misunderstood and unfortunately turns to heavy paralysing bonds. Instead, it should bring freedom and happiness, as it is the most Read more…

Time for a new chapter!

Time For Re Birth

November 12, 2017

Sometimes we allow ourselves to remain in the past because we are afraid to live in the present. To leave the past behind and drop who or what hurt you isn’t something that comes easy. It takes a lot of effort, time, patience and self-respect to keep moving forward. Every day that we remain trapped Read more…

astraologie scheibe pink - violett

The power and curses of rising Scorpio

November 7, 2017

Rising Scorpio sign is not an easy fortune. The power of darkness which defines the very Scorpio type being an ascendant is directed outwards, to the group, company or society. Rising Scorpio is a devotee in everything he is doing, be it cooking meal or organizing revolution. Passions are easily turning into an obsession, and Read more…

Halloween Pumpkins On Wood In A Spooky Forest At Night

The Magic of Halloween

October 28, 2017

A feast of the third harvest and Pagan New Year, the holiday of Halloween, or Samhain, is one of the biggest feasts of the Wheel of the year. Its association with winter, darkness and unknown makes it slightly different from a traditional “celebration” style. It is better to call it a threshold, or gate, or Read more…

Tarot cards and crystal ball

Tarot Tale

October 22, 2017

Who among the readers, taking the Tarot cards into their hands, wasn’t disturbed by the question where all those images came from, what message they contain, who are those strict figures from Major Arcana with their severe looks, which stories could the royalty from the Court deck share, and why and where all those crowds Read more…

Segni zodiacali - Bilancia

Libra And It’s Rising.

October 4, 2017

Libra marks the seventh threshold of the zodiac circle being an embodiment of the heaven equilibrium. Those who were born at the moment of its rising are granted with the incredible combination of personality gifts. Perhaps, Libra is one of the most beneficial signs to be the ascendant as a mask we demonstrate to the Read more…

Young lonely beautiful woman drifting on a boat above clouds. Dreamy screensaver

Subconscious Dreaming

September 8, 2017

The world of dreams is fascinating and mysterious, terrifying and charming, odd and enlightening. Where do our night visions come from, who sends them to us, why do they disturb us with fantastic figures, or strike with the clarity of prediction? Since the ancient times the dreams were considered sacral. The priests in Ancient Egypt Read more…

Segni zodiacali - Vergine

The Virgo And It’s Rising

August 30, 2017

The ascendant, or rising sign, is an exceptionally important in our horoscope. A sign which appeared in the eastern horizon at the moment of our birth becomes a key in our public image and self-presentation. The ascendant is the first impression we create, and which is a focus of coaching trainings and business etiquette. No Read more…

Inferiority Complex concept

Inferiority Complex

August 27, 2017

When we feel lost and undervalued is necessary to focus our attention to the desires of our heart in order to find the right path in life. Each of us is born with a life purpose. Identifying, acknowledging and honouring this purpose is is essential to design the life we want to live. Anyone in Read more…

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