Use Your Thought’s

February 1, 2020

Thought’s are an attractive force. When you focus on creating a positive life and a positive environment for you, you need to remember that it’s not up to anyone else to make you happy: you are responsible for your happiness. Reconnecting to your inner self is the first thing you need to do in order Read more…

If you change your mind, you can change your life.

Do You Live In Fear?

January 24, 2020

Every time we are about to make a choice, or a change in our life, fear may appear. It’s important to identify the root of our fears in order to make a conscious commitment to stop thinking in terms of fear. It’s very common to focus on the negative aspects of a situation instead of Read more…

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Trusting In The Divine Spirit

January 11, 2020

The Divine Spirit is our Guide along our journey. He knows every step of the journey. He knows where we’ve been and where we’re going, and He knows the best path to take. I believe that the Divine Spirit guides us through our inner wisdom, also called intuition. When life isn’t going how we’d hoped, Read more…


New Year 2020.

December 27, 2019

It’s hard to believe that another year has flown by already! I hope this year was a good year for you, but if you feel that 2019 could have be better, it is time to welcome “2020″ and allow yourself to let go of all the negativity that you’ve been carrying throughout this past year. Read more…

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Letting Go

December 23, 2019

Change is an inevitable part of our existence. If we want to prosper and experience happiness, we have to be able to adapt to the constant changes in life. Resisting change will only hurt us and interrupt the flow of abundance into our personal space. We have to be open to allowing new energies and Read more…

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Find Yourself

December 10, 2019

For many years, depression played a big part in my life. I got used to having trouble functioning every day, and I thought that all the negative emotions I experienced on a daily basis, were just part of being alive. As I result, I didn’t care anymore about how I looked, and I turned to Read more…

Bright Wooden Background, Gras, Quote Plant Garden Believe Tomorrow


November 24, 2019

Motivation is what pushes us to achieve our goals, feel more fulfilled, and improve overall quality of life. We all need self motivation to help us through most days. The way our mind speaks to us in all situations, from daily routines to difficult life events, is really important when it comes to stay motivated. Read more…

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Learn To Love Yourself.

November 11, 2019

When we don’t love ourselves, it become impossible for us to enjoy our daily existence. Being content in life is strongly based on being happy with who we are. Only when you know your self worth, you stop trying to prove yourself to others, and start enjoying the life you are destined to live. Loving Read more…

Set Boundaries

Implementing Boundaries

October 20, 2019

When we learn how to be in control of our emotional boundaries, we can have a healthy sense of who we are. Boundaries are an extension of love and respect for ourselves, but for many people, the most challenging part of having boundaries in relationships is the fear of appearing rude or selfish. It’s important Read more…

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Pain Of The Past

September 17, 2019

We sometimes torment ourselves about choices we’ve made, words we’ve said, and paths not taken. Most of us have different degrees of emotional pain in our energy field that lies below our conscious awareness. We usually dwell on the future, postponing our happiness with thoughts about what is missing or wrong in the present moment. Read more…