Brave Soul

September 14, 2018

Do you ever think about how your life could be if you were more courageous? Bravery is something that you may acquire overtime as you gain life experiences. It’s easy to deny our fears, even to ourselves, but reinforcing our successes in our minds give less power to our fears. I believe that the most beautiful thing about courage, it’s that it comes from a place of being afraid, but acting anyway. When you realise that bravery doesn’t mean that you’re not afraid, it means that you act despite your fears, you will realise that being courageous is a habit. It is a skill that you can learn and use in your everyday life.

It’s important to know yourself and have a deep understanding of your fears in life if you want to be more adventurous. Only by knowing your feelings you are able to gain control over them. Judging yourself for the way you feel isn’t helpful, and it won’t lead to bravery. The key is to acknowledge and accept your feelings. Self knowledge helps you to label your emotions and develop self-understanding and emotional intelligence. Remember that running from your fears never improves the way you feel. Empower yourself with the feeling that you know that you deserve to have everything you want, and you have no doubts that you are good enough or worthy enough.

I believe that when we learn to recognise our negative feelings and thoughts, when we understand where they come from, we discover that we’re already much braver than we think we are. Our fears keep us from achieving what we want in our lives, but mindfulness can fight your fear and have a very positive effect in your well being and your ability to be more courageous in life. If you find yourself overwhelmed by fear, meditation and mindfulness can help you to overcome negative thoughts. Just focus on the present moment, on the sounds around you, your own breathing and take deep breaths. Every time you feel negative emotions, put your focus on the present and detach yourself from your fear.

Regular meditations can bring you peace, and empower you with courage. When you connect to the Higher Power, you become prepared to step out of your comfort zone. Facing your fears help you grow, and move towards the positive side in life, allowing you to be able to change your negative feelings.  Dare to take some risks in order to move forward. Remember that being positive about your future is possible when you learn to love yourself more and you are willing to achieve your personal and professional goals. Focusing on your positive traits and not comparing yourself to others is essential to build your confidence and courage.

Courage is considered by many to be one of the most important human virtues. We can only be successful when we empower ourselves with the ability to confront problems. Realise your true nature, learn to look at the difficult part of your life with honesty, compassion and bravery. Once we learn to trust our own abilities, it will lead to self confidence. Always have faith, don’t lose hope for a better tomorrow, and remember to ask for spiritual guidance. Trust that you will be able to deal with any obstacles on your way.

Some fears are legitimate, but most of them do more harm than good. Figure out exactly what power your fear has over your mind and behaviour. Talk back to your negative thoughts or false beliefs, and question them. Always surround yourself with positive people, because negative and discouraging comments from people around you can drain your motivation. Identify the source of your demons and remember that you can build confidence in any aspect of your life. Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will, so be prepared to believe in your dreams.

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