July 11, 2014

We all get bored and it’s a particularly draining feeling and hard to define, so what actually is it. It can make up fearful, angry and sad, often leading to overeating, drinking or other self destructive behaviours. So it’s obvious that it’s not good for us, but why do we feel this odd emotion.

We can’t focus on or pay attention to what’s going on inside of us, so we don’t really have the energy to recognize our thoughts or feelings, we also can’t concentrate on what’s happening to us, the events, scenery or people around us.  So with no focus everything feels pointless and dull.

We know we can’t pay attention to anything, and we don’t care enough to try! But we are not going to take the blame for that, it’s all down to our circumstances and certainly not our fault.

Then we start to daydream or let our minds wander all over the place to relieve the boredom. But ironically once we let our minds wander we get more bored, as once we recognize that this daydreaming is meant to occupy our mind, we get taken back to the fact we are so bored and the circle begins again

Boredom often occurs when we have little control over the situation.  Stuck in a waiting room, a lecture, and airline lounges are all places where we have to give up our control over what happens to us.  Normally, we react to unpleasant situations by changing the situation. So if the TV is boring us we can change channels but when we have to stay where we can change or control a situation we don’t like boredom gets a hold on us.

Just to add insult to injury boredom leads us to dislike the things that are the object of boredom.  Think back to school are there books and subjects that make you yawn because you were bored of reading them or studying week in week out to pass exams? I cannot go near ‘the mayor of Casterbridge’ without wanting to go sleep a few decades later!

So realistically we can say that boredom is repressed internalized anger, as we cannot focus but feel irritated at everyone else for our own failing. Anger as we all know is bad for us if we cannot let it out

So if you get bored regularly at school or work question why? Should you be in this class or doing this job? If you have to be there, focus on what you need to get from it and use that as your point of focus make suggestions to add something’s of real interest and try to contribute every 10 minutes – you have to focus to know what to add to the meeting/class.

After a long period of boredom make sure you get and move, get that trapped energy from your anger to help you go for a exercise, run or walk up and down the office.

Watch your sugar intake, sweets and energy drinks give you a boost of energy but then you crash as your blood sugar drops, making your liable to lose focus and then boredom comes back.

Take a break and walk away from your desk, try to work in a quiet area as research shows that music actually splits the brain making it liable to lose focus on one thing and we all know where that leads.

Be social talk to people in the office, keep in contact with friends and get out to so things with them. Limit your time on line as it becomes a key focus that stops you from finding other things to do and places to go.

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