Being Comfortable With Your Aura

March 4, 2015

When I first received this article assignment, I had to wonder what I could report about a subject that seemed so ethereal to me. I believe in auras, but was I comfortable in my own – I was unsure. This got me thinking even more, what is an aura, how does one feel comfortable in theirs and how does one get to that achieved state of ultimate aura comfort?
When we review the definition of aura in the dictionary, you see several meanings of the word, but it is the one described often as a subtly
omnipresent quality or atmosphere seen as emanating from a person, place, or thing that this article is about. These emissions can be bright white to any color of the spectrum. Some even attribute an electromagnetic charge taking place as the cause of auras. I not only believe in auras but I believe there are people who can see this unique perspective in others. And since I believed, I then had to conclude, how special if we can harness the energy auras offer us to not only feel comfortable but to be empowered by this great light emitting from us.
I remember my first experience seeing another person’s aura. It was beautiful, comforting and in my case attached to someone who saved my life as a daredevil 10 year old growing up by the shores of Long Island, New York. Going to the beach, eating tuna sandwiches, playing in the sand and the most fun, swimming in the ocean were treats I looked forward to every summer. I am a Taurus with the water loving sign of Cancer as my Rising Sign in astrology. I feel comfortable and confident in the water. This day I was a bit over confident in taking on the legendary waves that come in at Montauk Point, one of the first places the Atlantic Ocean meets the land of the United States. They call this area ‘The Breakers’ for good reason.
I think you can see where this tale is headed. I ventured too far out into the ocean and the break point of the waves. My last visual before I was carried and tumbled away from everyone’s view on shore, was my father frantically waving at me. Looking behind me, wondering what all the commotion was about, I turned to see – to my 10 year old eyes was a 20 foot wave! As they say, ‘That was all she wrote’ and off I went with the wave.
I vividly remember turning over and over in the waves, but I was calm, strangely, it felt ok. And now that I am older, I realize what I perceived as breathing underwater was my starting to drown. The next thing I remember is feeling the sand at my back and opening my eyes to a beautiful young strong man with crew cut hair staring down at me with the most brilliant white light around him. It was my first visual encounter with God’s power in others through their aura. He had saved my life and to my eyes it showed!
From this same white light Godly blessing called upon by mediums and readers to give them guidance in offering peace through spiritual answers to the colors of charka alignment and auras that are used to heal our physical bodies, those of us in the spiritual arts believe color plays an important role in our world. As an example, many aura readers believe certain colors, and their spectrum variations, contain messages for the reader to become aware of to adjust. Colors emitting from an individual can tell a reader if
they are more attuned with a positive energy or one that may sapping their resources by harboring negativity. The body absorbs this energy as well as putting it on display others can pick up on. We all have had that feeling – someone just clicks with us instantly in the nicest way or something is not right about someone’s vibe. Or when someone has entered our personal space too closely, we can feel an uneasiness that can run through our body, throwing off our vibe. I wonder then, what color we may appear at that moment.
Colors are an important part of reading an aura and in our everyday life. Ithas always been so as history teaches us that colors have been used in the exchange of goods – think the tulip treated as cash for its coveted colored flower, as an identifier of the value of our property when applied to our homes and clothing and especially in the scared arts, where color is found throughout the world in religious and ceremonial symbolism. And who can forget the Irish mythology of a hidden pot of gold at the end of a colorful
rainbow. Why wouldn’t this apply to us as well?
Numerology and birth stones use color to indicate mood and character disposition. It is also believed wearing certain colors can enhance an outcome. Why are colors associated with certain emotional actions? This goesback centuries. The color red is legendary for being known to represent anger and rage. A variation of red is an aura identifier for these same actions. Mucky brown appears to aura readers when we are constrained by our thoughts and feeling unsure and insecure. Aura readers will tell you the color black draws energy inwards, capturing the light and consuming it. Yellow as you can guess, is known for happiness and a sunny disposition –
aura readers would agree.
And if color can represent our internal and spiritual position how can we make that work for us to feel comfortable within our colorful spectrum of daily emotions? The answer may be peace. If I were to be honest, peace of heart, soul and spirit is my daily quest and ultimate goal. Some days I do better than others. And I bet there were or are days where my aura appears murky and unclear, even brown in color until I get my head and heart working together from a position of love, kindness and forgiveness.
A quote by Buddha helped me find the start of my answer to maintaining and balancing my daily life with my spiritual one. ‘In the midst of movement and chaos, keep stillness inside of you.’  In my modern day terms I take this as not letting anyone or anything upset my emotional or spiritual balance. If I am feeling centered, positive and confident that the only approach to any person or situation is through the way of God, I am feeling pretty balanced as well as comfortable in the aura I am projecting to both God and others in
my life.
As a daily proof to this type of thinking making a noticeable appearance, the other day someone I had not seen in quite a bit of time informed me ‘I was radiant’ when I walked into coffee shop to meet her. I attribute this glow, this aura, to the happiness I feel every day since I committed myself to reading Tarot as a profession. Peace of spirit is joy in God’s eyes. I think when we try to think and act in the way of God this makes us confident to always explore the opportunities God or universe has for our joy.  I believe we start to develop a strong set of colors within our aura along with an ability to project these colors outwards when we arrive at a peace of spirit.
My initial question of comfort within our aura may have sounded cheeky at first, but the idea this color-coded message of light we produce could not only help heal us but empower us as well is one I believe in – even more so while writing this piece because I believe there is a correlation between the energy our body absorbs and emits with that of our spiritual health. And this balance – even in the mist of chaos – is one that is rooted in a confidence of God’s plan of joy for us. After much thought, I would offer these humble personal insights into being comfortable in your aura:

.         Strive to embrace the Buddha attitude of nothing is too big a deal to throw off your internal stillness.

.         God only believes in your joy and peace of spirit.

.         All the colors of the spectrum are available for your personal energy use.

Which aura color will you show off today?

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