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May 10, 2015

Every morning, regardless of the season, I am greeted by the distinctive chirp of a bird species called the Cardinal. I am unsure if these bright red birds are seen outside New England in the United States where I am located, but they have become synonymous with the lifestyle of this area of the country I call home as well as a messenger of my grandmothers spirit. I first felt this hello from her when I was looking to purchase a home outside of New York City. I was burnt-out and eager to move but when I saw what is now my current cute little cottage home it needed a good deal of work to get it even updated. I remember the stillness outside while contemplating on the porch of this potential home if I was a bit off for taking on such a challenge and hearing and then seeing a bright red flash along with a feeling in my heart that my Grandma, who had recently passed was giving the final ok that all will be well. She was right too; my house is the coziest spot on Earth to me! In fact, as I am writing this on that same porch I can hear the Cardinals loud repetitive chirp as to affirm this connection. I have come to learn with my awareness to the spirit who guide and look after me they will send me communication in the form of colorful wildlife or a direct statement placed in my conscience. What is your ‘Cardinal’ to loved ones and spirit guides? I have always been fascinated and a bit envious of those individuals who have the ability to connect and hear from people who have passed over or with their personal spirit guides. But the more I dive deeper into the healing arts such as Astrology, Tarot and Mediation and work with people with all sorts of special talents, I have become more aware of this spiritual connection and how like an under developed muscle we can engage and strengthen our ability to hear what needs to be said to us. Meditation teaches that out of the stillness, your answers will come. The basic lesson of stilling the mind and spirit to receive your insight can be traced back thousands of years. Contemplation that can clear your mind and spirit to be a blank canvas is a perfect place to begin. While it is always nice to find a setting that makes us feel most relaxed, I have experienced, and I am sure many professional mediums will tell you, as you build your connection you will find your help is always available regardless if you have candles and music playing. Our next two steps are simple ones as well. We need to show we desire only good intentions with messages only divined by God and then a willingness to be open to hear what we receive. You have now set the stage to receive awareness from your spirit and your guides. You may have noticed in my last sentence I mentioned hearing messages from your own spirit and you may be wondering what I mean by this. I feel developing this internal link further is the true key to unlocking the real potential from spiritual awareness. It is not always easy. How open will you be to hearing an honest perspective and one that may differ from your wants? I have found the more aware I become of this voice the more aware I become of my own motivations, intent and desires – it makes us question it all – in ourselves and others. Enlightenment will do that to you! It will make you a stronger person in spirit by allowing the honest review of your own thoughts and actions so that we can be more open to the messages we need to receive and in understanding where others are coming from. When we remove emotions and motivations such as pride, ego or anxiety and fear, we not only become rulers of our intentions, it becomes much easier to hear the true message of the divine. I am sure there have been moments in your life where you have wondered ‘Was that really a message I was receiving?’ I would have to tell you if you are feeling/hearing/seeing it – it is real! Spiritual awareness is a leap of faith to know and feel more than what is offered in the material realm. I believe help to find clarity and answers are available for any question or guidance we should seek. We just need to allow our heart and spirit to be open to the voices who wish to speak with us. If you are looking for a voice to connect with outside of your own to guide you – you can call upon a cherished loved one who has passed or ask God to give you the right voice. After decades of hearing the guide chosen for me when I asked this from God, I came to learn it was a grandfather I never had met but loved because of the way my grandmother had loved him. When I heard from my friend who was a medium say ‘you know your grandfather is standing behind you and guiding you’ it instantly all made sense to me. Have you had such an experience? I built on mine and speak daily with the man I never met but feel his presence every day helping me. And if we believe God has only our best intentions and outcomes they we must be open to all style communications and the voices that deliver them. As a Tarot Reader I hear from so many who have had it rough over these last several years. These trying times can touch all areas of our lives whether they are financial, romantic, family or career. Some of these encounters were so tough they threw many of us off because we lost our connection, even our ability to believe in our intuition any longer – something that can scare many of us who came to rely on that internal driver. If you have experienced this like so many of us – you know what I mean! I learned there is a great upside to what can seem like the downside situation above. By having to question and seek out answers through this difficult time I became braver in asking the right style questions of what I needed to learn so that I could apply it in my life and stronger in hearing the daily messages I was receiving. I not only feel this past experience allows me to speak testimony to what so many of us have experienced but I can now hear the messages I need to deliver for others as well – the very thing I desired but little did I know how I would get there! Such is spiritual awareness!

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