Astrology And Emotions

September 27, 2017

Emotions puzzle human mind since the dawn of humanity. Aristotle told they are “those things which cause people to change their mind”. The material for famous Galen’s classification of characters on choleric, melancholic, sanguine and phlegmatic types was the mosaic of emotions experienced by people. Even in science they are metaphorically described as “weather” in the season of temperament. Sunny and rainy days are different in autumn and summer, as joy would be felt and expressed differently in serious Capricorn or enthusiastic Aries. Emotions are defined in various ways, being so diverse yet so common and universal. For instance, fear, anger, sadness, disgust and happiness are considered the basic, innate and unconscious. They are like a herd of mustangs hard to control, but at the same time they drive to activity and life overall.

Knowing the positions of astrological planets in our horoscope helps to learn more about your emotional world. The Sun sign gives an idea about most typical personality reactions, even, stereotypical. We all expect frequent joy from Fire signs, romanticism from Water signs, and optimism from Air signs, and serenity from the Earth signs. And, what is most interesting, it works. But how often we witness a different behaviour of same signs? The matter is the position of the Moon which grants us with specific emotional reactions. As the closest after Sun planet in astrology, it is more than important to examine, as is responsible for our behaviour within the family, closest friends, and beloved. Our unconscious reactions of fright, or uncontrolled drive to any person or hobby reveal the depth of our emotional reactivity. For example, Leos with different Moons choose totally different fields of relaxation and energy charge after a hard day: for one with Aquarius Moon it was socialization in a good company with beer, for another with a Moon in Pisces it was exploring psychodynamic theories. Both though had a typical Leo ambition to guide all around them.

The man is an alchemical vessel where these incredible blend of invisible powerful components is dancing, boiling, mixing, producing a totally unique formula of self-feeling, perception and, therefore, behaviour and self-expression. For one a stress is a challenge, and anger, frustration, offense can result in powerful ambition and pride; for another the same stress will trigger fear, paralysis, offense, despair and the tears of helplessness. The process is identical yet the vessels are various. The Moon as the ruler, defines its form (our main temperamental reactions); other planets adds the lines and colours (our words, face expression, and body language under the emotional influence); and the Sun as the main planet revealing our social image, is the cover of the vessel. For instance, Leo with the Moon in Aquarius in public will remain grandiose, preserving his royal dignity, and will show his inner playfulness and humor only with close friends or family (The Moon domain).

The modern psychological models of emotions attempt at defining the emotional processes and design schemas to illustrate the way emotions pass to be expressed. However they do not provide with the answers and methodology of emotional regulation so important for our spiritual well-being. One of them describes the process of emotional birth as highly dependent on our consciousness state. The processing of emotion and a relevant behaviour occurs faster when the reasons of emotions are unrealized, while the conscious processing suggests mind evaluation as a threshold and kind of “customs office” for emotions. In the first case automatic association rules our behaviour which is not always rewarding, or even harmful in case of anger or depressive traits. In a second case thinking over and considering the consequences might break the vicious circle of an automatic repetitive pattern of feeling and behaviour.

Astrology is that powerful tool to lead you to the level of self-realization through examining your Moon and other signs and influence they have on our depth of character. It not only tells us the light and dark of the soul, but also leads to one important realization: the same root of emotions, their double-edged nature. Predisposal to pride, we may turn it to gratitude and joy from valuable achievement, knowing our inclination to fall in suspicions we may redirect it into active empathetic actions or mind work in relevant professions.

In Tarot there is a Major trump The Chariot with a warrior-rider who controls the opposites: black and white sphinxes. The creatures represent positive and negative attitudes and state we might have on our way to progress and development, however, it is more reasonable to interpret them as our own moods. Having focused too much on positivity we paradoxically often experience burn-out instead of enthusiasm, or boredom instead of inspiration. Perhaps we are too busy with the desperate attempts to suppress, destroy, and eliminate the so-called negative emotions, forgetting that our chariot is pulled by both, and happiness is not possible without a note of sadness, or enjoy often comes with doubts and fears we must defeat before. Astrology charts can be that personal map which will mark the route of your personal chariot, showing you the possible traps, warning about the potholes, pointing the dangerous curves which demand full control of your “black” sphinx, and leading you to the straight and easy paths, where you can relax and loose the reins.

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