Ascended Masters

May 30, 2014

Ascended masters were once walking on earth like you and I, they have passed through many lives until they had learnt their unique reasons for being. This explains why we have so many past lives we are all working towards the time we do not have to come back to earth. Once this journey is over ascended masters can chose if they want to come back to earth again, many do to help humanity when a physical body is required.

As our guides, ascended masters are wonderful, they have been through so many life times they understand how life can affect us, but they also know how to surpass it. They’ve reached the ultimate goal that our souls are striving for and they have a huge level of understanding of all of humanity’s issues.

The Ascended Masters have worked with us throughout the centuries, mostly unseen and unrecognised .They can be real, visible, living and caring seen throughout history and prehistory who have such Love, Wisdom and Power that the human finds it hard to comprehend. They work everywhere in the universe with complete freedom and limitless power, to do naturally all that the average individual would consider impossible.

An Ascended Master uses the purest form of love to help all those who come to their attention. Its power is strong it brings back harmony and balance to those who chose to accept it. The Ascended Master’s Body is constantly producing this pure love to give protection to people, places and things on a higher plain we are not aware of.

The Ascended Masters exist to educate and help them to expand our consciousness and commune with spirit and its messages. They work to educate us in each life time until we too no longer need to have a mortal life and we have achieved a level of spirituality and our purpose has been fulfilled.

So who are some of the Ascended masters we know about, they come from every race, tradition, and culture. We know many of them as a compassionate Buddha’s, the saints, sages, mystics and prophets throughout history. They are the great lights including Mother Mary, Kuan Yin, Gautama Buddha, Krishna, Maitreya, Saint Francis, Archangel Metatron and Michael and more recently Padre Pio. Some believe that Jesus was an Ascended Master sent to earth as the son of god to help us find peace and spirituality.

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