January 23, 2015

Archangels and angels are here to help us with anything we want. We simply have to ask them and wait for an answer. But there are so many of them, all specialising in different areas, all using different rays or stones it can be so confusing to know who to turn to.

Here is a quick guide for you to find the right Archangel for your issue and remember your guardian angel is always there.

Archangel  Ariel or the lioness of god helps us with bravery, courage and elegance. Helps us with manifestation and looks after nature. Use Rose quartz or pink to help with your meditations with her.

Archangel Azrael or the angel of death brings love and comfort to those who are grieving or dying but he also helps with grief of moving on from relationships or people. Helps to bring messages from loved ones who have passed and opens the channels of contact. Use yellow calcite to bring extra comfort and Vanilla cream helps with contact.

Archangel Gabriel is the messenger angel and helps with all kinds of communication, opening doors for publishing the written word. Also helps us to connect with personal strength and reassures us that it is ok to be powerful. Use this Archangel to connect with the inner child and rebuild parent-child relationships. Citrine will help connect with Gabriel or wearing copper will bring her closer.

Archangel Jeremial or the angel of mercy helps to get prayers answered and to review our lives healing destructive patterns on the way. Also helps with being merciful to ourselves and others. Use amethyst as a meditation tool or the colour of aubergines will bring him closer.

Archangel Michael or ‘he who is like god’ beings courage and protection, he escorts away lower energies. He brings us power, strength and faith and loves to communicate via our dreams. Amethyst works well with Michael or blue and gold clothing helps to bring his protection to us.

Archangel Raphael is the angel of healing of any kind and also guides us to a healthier life style. All we have to do is ask for healing from this archangel and it will be provided. Emeralds help with our requests and wait for the answers from intuition and chance encounters.

Archangel Sandaphon is the musician angel as well as helping us speak our truth with power but also with subtlety. Helps us live in the now and work with our spirituality. The gem Turquoise brings him in and the answers he gives are often in repeated pieces of music.

Archangel Zadkiel another merciful angel who helps us to be compassionate whilst removing emotional blockages. He is the angel to use to develop Clairaudience and the one for exams’ as he really helps with memory, Lapis lazuli beings him to us or deep blue clothing.

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