Archangel Zerachiel

Archangel Zeracheil

June 5, 2014

Archangel Zeracheil is a lesser known archangel but is in fact mentioned in bible as one of the seven archangels known by Enoch. You may also hear him referred to as Sechiel. Archangel Zeracheil is a healing angel especially with children and those who have addictions. He often appears to children whose parents have an addiction, he knows they need more love and support than others; he soothes their nightmares and brings them encouragement. He also appears in our dreams if we need him, it’s his favourite way to communicate but he also calms night terrors and insomnia – all you have to do is ask.

Archangel Zeracheil works with the earth and is an animal healer; he also locates lost animals and brings them peace from issues that affect their behaviour. He is really good with puppies and kitten who fall ill and again ask him to heal your pets and he will be there. Archangel Zeracheil  helps us use our brain and improve our memories, call on him for exam preparation or lost articles

More importantly Archangel Zeracheil  helps us remember our true spiritual nature as well as the spiritual nature of those who have entered into our lives so that we can develop nurturing, kind and forgiving relationships. He works with us to teach us to nurture each other and share his compassion with the world; he brings us the gift of forgiveness the first step on the road to recovery.

Archangel Zerachiel is also one of the two helpers of Archangel Michael, bringing us protection and courage with compassion. Archangel Zerachiel is also said to be the leader of the heavenly choir, and over all music in Heaven. He is also known as the angel the presides over exorcisms, appearing in spirit form to assist any church officials

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