Archangel Uriel

Archangel Uriel

November 21, 2013

Archangel Uriel is often known as the angel of wisdom, lighting up pathways and dissolving confusion, he often helps us with creative projects and he is consulted about major decisions. He is great resolver of conflicts, anger and worry, highlighting dangerous situations so we may avoid them. We know him as ‘light of god’ or ‘fire of god’. He is thought to be the lead angel in the change of our levels of awareness of the spiritual and our evolution in to a new age of awareness.

He is depicted carrying a book for wisdom and an open hand for the truth he helps us find. Archangel Uriel is not mentioned by name is most religious texts but the book of Enoch describes him as one the seven archangels who watch over the world and is believed to have told Noah about the flood. He is also known to have rescued John the Baptist from Herrod and St Peter describes Archangel Uriel as the angel of repentance. He is associated with electricity, lightening and sudden actions. Finally he is the patron saint of the arts and sciences.

Archangel Uriel has appeared in many books and plays like Paradise Lost, Weaverworld, Bones, and Angel Sanctuary and is a character in several fantasy games.

Archange lUriel is associated with the colour red and ruby, so if we feel lost, abandoned or fearful his red ray will help us to find the way. He works with the genitals and reproductive organs, helping to regulate adrenalin, he removes our inertia and increases our energy and allows us to listen to what our body is trying to tell us.  Emotionally Uriel invokes lust and desire within us and releases blocked energy, giving us more action, life force and stamina, to the point of restoring the urge to live in people. He teaches us to spiritual in our daily lives and helps us to connect to the divine.

Archangel Uriel is the angel of the star sign Aquarius and is responsible for the direction North, the gateway to the mind, knowledge and wisdom. It’s also the direction of night, winter, transformation and the removal of that which is not essential to us. He is the angel of the planet Uranus.

This powerful and wise archangel responds to oils like Carnation, Hyacinth and Sandalwood to bring us peace, while Basil, Black pepper and Yarrow will bring courage.

Like all angels to contact Uriel you merely have to call his name but a really and simple meditation to bring him near is –

  1. Site quietly and calmly and imagine golden roots coming form feet deep into the centre of the earth.
  2. Invoke Ureil to come close to you and ask him to bring you peace and wisdom
  3. Allow his deep red ray to envelope your body and feel its warmth bringing you a deep relaxation and feeling of complete calmness.
  4. Allow Uriel to communicate with you the wisdom you need to resolve your problem/issue and relax as the pictures, words or sound float around your consciousness.
  5. Once you have all that you need surround yourself in his red ray once more as you feel your feet back on the floor and thank Uriel for his help.
  6. Over a short period of time those images word etc he imparted will come back to you as the knowledge you need to move forward.

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