Animal Spirit Guides

November 22, 2014

We all know about spirit guides and we mostly think about a Native American or a Tibetan Monk, but spirit guides can come from all walks of life, a friend of mine has a guide who was Welsh miner. Along with humans we also have animal guides who visit us, seeing those when you are contacting your spirit guide will often be a message in itself.

Here are some common meanings of the animals that may be communicating with you –

The hedgehog – No matter what is going on for you right now, enjoy your life. Retreat from your routines and start cleaning and detoxifying your body and spirit. You have a powerful connection with ancient goddess energy, whether you are male or female. Work directly with the earth by doing and follow any whims, intuitive leads or inner promptings that occur.

The beaver – This is a time for purposeful and directed activity, be balanced rest and socialize but be aware of wasting time, energy, and resources on unimportant matters. Let your actions be focused and intentional. It’s time to change your environment to bring in comfort and security.

The snake – You are about to go through some significant personal changes, you are going to feel an energy that will change your senses that will make you alert and intuitive like never before. You are will resolve some problems by looking at life from a new angle and you will be healed of an ailment in a new way.

The Pheasant – You may want to investigate possible past-life connections, you need to be grounded it brings out the best in you on a spiritual level. Be bright and colourful it suits more than being dull. Grab life and enjoy yourself as much as you can.

The Wolf – changes are taking place to remove parts of your life that no longer serve you spiritually, new insights and teachings are waiting for you  to find them.  Maintain your self-esteem and integrity; trust your own knowledge and intuition even when others do not. Spirits are watching and protecting you at all times.

The Eagle – Grab any opportunities you may have to change life, you will soon soar above your problems as a major change takes place. It will also soon be time for a major spiritual awakening for you, along with inspiration this will bring you guidance – please act upon it. Watch your energy as whatever you give out will come back to you.

There are lots more animals who visit us too but just follow your intution when you are contacted by an animal spirit guide, they will let you know what they mean.

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