Angel Signs

November 28, 2013

Do you know the angels are watching you every day? They try to communicate with us too, but unlike spirit guides they need us to ask for help, they can not interfere with our free will.

One of the favourite ways to communicate is with feathers, we find feathers in the oddest places like on the sick bed of our loved ones or in my case inside a factory where I was cleaning – there was nothing at all that could have produced white feathers there every day. Once you find feathers stop and think about where you are, what you were thing about and what was happening just before you found them. the features are the angels way of confirming you were right. Every time I found a feather I was worrying about money while hating the job I was doing, they confirmed to me it was right to take a risk and leave the job, something came along within a day of me handing in my notice.

Remember it does not matter what colour the feather is, white, grey black or brown are all equal to the angels.

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