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April 17, 2015

Many people find Angel Cards a perfect way to dive into a relationship with their personal spiritual guides. A large variety of decks are available for people to connect with. Different than Tarot Cards, which I have an established number and meaning to each card, Angel Cards can be found in a number of cards to any style imagery. Regardless of the deck you choose, all Angel Cards are designed to be positive, uplifting and inspiring for the reader.

Motivated by the Angels they are named after, today’s Angel Cards can include other spiritual and beautiful imagery such as unicorns and flowers. You can find cards that focus on any number of areas dealing with guidance, love and affirmations. The New Age culture which emerged worldwide in the 1960’s is often credited with the original Angel Cards. Angel Cards can also be found as Oracle Cards which seem to have a history that could date back to the times of French leader Napoleon Bonaparte.

It is easy to get started with your Angel cards. Like Tarot or Oracle cards you always want to work with good intentions and for your higher good by asking the Angels for guidance. The only ability you need other than our good intentions is your belief that you can communicate with your Angels – which of course you can!

When choosing your Angel Cards, the advice is simple, pick the deck that resonates with you the most; you will never pick the wrong deck! The Angels are already guiding you in the best way to communicate with them. Angel Cards are here to inspire and guide us. Trust your intuition. Decks come with a simple overview guide or detailed Angel information. Pick which one works best for you. As with anything, the more you work with your cards and Angels the better you will get in understanding in their message.

Even if you do not have Angel cards as of yet, that does not need to hold you up in connecting with Angel help. Listed below are just a few of the Angels and their areas for you to call on. Enjoy!

Archangel Ariel: Called the Lion of God, Archangel Ariel supplies abundance and will help you find ways to bring wealth into your life. If you are juggling resources and money, ask Ariel to show you the way to provide a steady stream of help.

Archangel Ariel also oversees the healing and protection of nature and all style animals.  If you find an injured pet or even a wild animal that needs healing, call upon Ariel for help.  Ariel also works closely with Raphael to heal animals in need.

Archangel Azrael: Azrael’s wraps his loving wings around those who cross over to Heaven at the time of physical death. He comforts those dying prior to their death as well. Working as a grief counselor, he surrounds grieving family members with healing energy and helps them to deal with their pain and grief so they can move forward after the passing of a loved one. Archangel Azrael is so powerful that he can also be called upon when we suffer from insomnia.

Archangel Camael:  His name means He who sees God! He is listed as one of the seven Angels who stand in the presence of God.  Often referred to as the God of War because he is the ruler of the planet Mars, Archangel Camael can help you in your daily struggles and with those who you see as more powerful than yourself.

Archangel Chamuel: Known as the Angel of Love, this Archangel can help you to repair and renew existing relationships. This angel also has the ability to be called on to help us meet our earthly soulmates. Archangel Chamuel will also add a spark to your personality, get a big dose of self- confidence to help you network and socialize to build not only your love life but your career as well. Chamuel also works at building strong parent-child bonds and helps heal negative energy blocking our heart from loving. It is said, you feel butterflies in your stomach when this Angel is at work in our lives. And if that is not enough, Archangel Chamuel will also help you find lost items that need to be found.

Dina: Known for her ability to help us study and in our guest for knowledge. Any situation that requires us to be sharp and on point Dina can be called upon to help us keep our thoughts straight.

Archangel Gabriel: The only Archangel depicted as female in art and literature, Gabriel is known as the Messenger. She is also called The Strength of God and provides us mere mortals with internal power and confidence to start the new endeavors in our life – especially if we have been dragging our feet. She pushes us to move forward and is the gal to ask for action in God’s way.

Gazardiel: If you are looking for guidance to stay calm and cool in unnerving situation, Gazardiel can be asked to help us to keep it together and to do the right thing in these style situations.  If you feeling overwhelmed and confused, this angel is the one to help us sort it all out.

Hamied: The special Angel of miracles, who wants to remind and show us how wonderful life is. When you feel lost or with no hope, ask Hamied to show you how life is precious and special. Signs will start to happen that will help you restore your faith in the magic that is called life.

Archangel Haniel: When we are looking to bring balance into our life, Haniel is the one to look to. He will also supply the energy we need at times after experiences that put us off balance; giving us that extra boost just in time to complete an important task. Called the Grace of God, Haniel provides information to heal and restore our life scales.

Archangel Jeremial: When faced with problem solving Archangel Jeremial is here to help. Whether it is a heavy duty decision or a simple one, this Angel will help guide you to the right choice. Interestingly how decisions we make can give insight into our lives, because Archangel Jeremiel is charged with the review of our life after our passing. He is here to help guide us in this life and as well as afterwards.

Archangel Jophiel: Meaning Beauty of God Archangel Jophiel will give you the creative spark to start make a new idea a material reality. Call upon Archangel Jophiel when you are looking for inspiration and the beauty of an idea. He can also help us to relax so the energy can flow again. He connects us with our higher power to help us see our destiny!

Archangel Metatron: If you are feeling unmotivated and a bit disorganized, Archangel Metatron is the Angel to help. He helps us to take a breath and to make a plan. If we need an extra kick to get started, he will provide that as well. Get ready to get energized with Archangel Metatron.

Archangel Michael: Just about everyone knows the first Angel created by God, Michael is the leader of all the Archangels and is in charge of protection, truth and integrity. Michael protects us physically, emotionally and psychically.  He who is like God is always there to give us courage and strength when we need it the most. Ask him to wrap you in his indigo blue cloak around you to protect you at times when you feel vulnerable. Michael can also be asked to help us to give up the past so we can embrace our future.

Archangel Raguel: This Friend of God is referred to as the Archangel of Justice and Fairness. He is the great mediator when we need peace in our life – He will help us see how to accomplish what we feel is not possible in this area. Raguel is the Archangel for the underdog. Call on him for help when you need to feel empowered, valued and respected from others and ourselves. He helps resolve arguments with cooperation and understanding.

Archangel Raphael: The Angel with the Healing Power of God. This powerful Archangel can help us to heal on physical, emotional and spiritual levels, and will lend his healing powers to both humans and animal. Raphael helps us with finding lost pets. He also has the power to help us overcome unhealthy addictions and to feel whole and empowered again.

Archangel Raziel: This secret holder of God helps us to develop our psychic abilities and intuitive nature so these secrets can be revealed to us. He helps us to understand and know God’s desire.

Archangel Sandalphon: Archangel Sandalpho carries our prayers to God so that they may be answered. He is also called the Angel of music and helps us find our musically gifts. Archangel Sandalphon is the twin brother of Archangel Metatron. The twins are the only Archangels in Heaven who were originally mortal men. God gave both men their immortal assignments as Archangels to reward them for their good work upon Earth.

Archangel Uriel: God’s light shines on those areas of our life which need to be highlighted so we can have a spiritual understanding to get through certain situations that are holding us back. Archangel Uriel is considered one of the wisest Archangels because of his intellectual information, practical solutions and creative insight. Considered to be the Archangel who helps with earthquakes, floods, fires, hurricanes, tornadoes, natural disaster and earth changes, call on Uriel to avert such events or to heal and recover in their wake.

Archangel Zadkiel: Call on Archangel Zadkiel to help you with emotional healing. He delivers the strength and insight you need to forgive those who have hurt you; giving you the chance of a new beginning based on forgiveness and healing.

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