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July 17, 2014

Our angel card reader Elaine has been channeling messages from angels for individuals for some time now but now has some interesting messages from the angels for all of us.

It is a time of change around the world some good and some bad and it’s also a time to learn lessons from our mistakes. It’s been tough financially and personally for so many of us, money, love, relationships and work has weighed so many of us down. What so many angels want us to know is it does not have to be this way, as individuals, families, organisations and countries can all use angelic help. All we need to do is ask our guardian angels, archangels in fact any old angel for assistance. They want to make the changes for us and for the world that are so sorely needed right now.

We are too harsh on ourselves and others, we have expectations of ourselves that are completely unrealistic, based on what we ‘should ‘do not what we want to do. We are therefore breeding discontent for ourselves and our families, we especially could be aware of passing on our unrealistic ambitions to our children. Passing on our unhappiness to the next generation is a something the angels want to stop. Let the angels come in and guide you towards a better work/life balance and a better way of being. They know we are afraid to take your foot of the pedal and not be ambitious or lose our income but we have to trust them to change this.  Go back and find out what you wanted to be when you were a child, then watch for the signs from the angels as they gently guide you the right way, watch out for coincidences and even internet articles about something that holds your interest.

Several archangels watch over our relationships and have expressed concerns about how we forget to nurture them and work at them. They fear that we give up too easily and really need us to know that every relationship will go in to dark places at times, this does not mean it should be over. Archangel Gabriel who looks after communication wants us to learn to listen to each other again, not just hear but truly listen, see the facial expressions, watch the body language and really be with each other. Follow our intuitions and open up our heart chakras, only when we trust and are vulnerable can we be intimate and open with a partner.  He really fears we have closed up our hearts due to the losses we have suffered and unless we open them again we will not have fulfilling relationships with our partners, our colleagues, families and even the rest of the world.

But it is our relationship with ourselves that will cultivate our other relationships.  Our energies are all over the place and Archangel Raphael has many worries about this, if we carry low energy with us we can hear or see the signs the angels bring us. We give out energies that attract others so low energy attracts low energy people to us, yet our bodies have the most amazing energy if nurtured. We can heal ourselves and others, we can communicate with angels and spirits and we can bring love and warmth just by our energy. He wants to give us a gentle but firm reminder about what we put into our body, sugars, refined foods, alcohol, nicotine and even drugs change our energy and when taken in excess are hiding fears, worries and sadness. It is safe with his help to feel all these emotions and allow your body to be healthy enough to use all that energy is a positive way.

Finally and maybe most important despite all the things the angels have seen and have concerns about they know this is a beautiful world and we need to go out and enjoy it. Bring joy to our lives no matter what that joy comes from; it’s the purest and highest energy too.  Be childlike, be open, play and get creative, laugh until it hurts and remember you are protected by angels. The signs are all around you.

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