Angel Card Reader – What a Journey

February 22, 2014

People often ask me how I got to be an angel card reader and work with spirit when four years ago I had a high powered job and huge responsibilities. It’s a story of three mediums but first a little background

My childhood was a cold one, but my mother desperately wanted me to be more successful than she was and pushed me academically. I never quite was good enough. However in the background to all this I was seeing auras, sensing spirits and able to pick up on changes in energy, when I told my mother about this she was very dismissive and told me I may be going mad. So I did not mention it, and in the end I denied it.

However when I took a job managing a hotel, it all came back, I felt a terrible atmosphere, heard children where there were none, footsteps in the night, windows blowing open and the final straw flowers being thrown at me by an invisible force. I left quickly but knew why the spirit picked on me and as an adult I let myself investigate this, I read endless books and spoke to people about my experiences.

I was advised to go to a spiritualist church but was too afraid of what I might have found out and carried on with a career, now in retail and getting a promotion I started to be successful – but I hated it!

Then a friend became seriously ill and started to go to a spiritualist church, she asked to go too. That’s where I came across the first medium, I am sorry I do not know his name but he did not look like a medium in any way! He was a young man with spiky hair, leather jacket and piercings (and they were not common then), he looked straight at me and said “I once followed a man up a mountain with a fishing rod on his back, I was confused there was no water up this mountain, no streams, no rivers nothing. I thought he was deluded or just odd. When got to the top it was an antenna which he put up and pick up signals. Your fishing rod is in fact your antenna and you can talk to spirit, the only problem is you keep going fishing with it.” He told me that his guide had told him, he must tell me this, but the choice of using my abilities were mine. My eyes were opened further and I joined an open circle but I was soon discouraged as a member simply told me I had no ability and I decided she was right.

I changed career and started up the career ladder again but found some satisfaction by working with children in my spare time, I knew instinctively what they needed to talk about and how to help. I thought maybe this was what my abilities were to be used for.

Several years went by and I had the occasional reading and worked too hard. Then I had a reading with another medium who explained to me that I am a rarity and blessed?! My left and right brain are equally as strong, so I can be logical and process equally as well as I can look at things holistically and spiritually. Again she said I used the left brain too much as I was scared of the other side but one day I would stop. She told me to wait until the teacher came into my life that would help me and  an angel watched over me. But I could start to bring in the right side now and use it to empower people and teach them. So I completed counselling training and used those skills where I could.

I changed how I worked with people and used that spiritual side more to make their work life a little better. I started to be aware of more spirits, orbs, lights and spiritual energy. One day a few years later (yes I know I was still ignoring it) I started to meditate and felt the most wonderful comforting feeling, like wings around my shoulder and I felt my angel. Yet again I was off finding books and information, completing a course on angel reading and really starting to use the power they had.

Life changed suddenly as I got made redundant twice in 6 months and I knew there was a message in there from the universe or that angel. I decided not to go back to my career and took some temp roles, found an advanced counselling course and decided this time I was going to do this properly. I decided what I needed was a reading and that was where the third medium changed my life.

This was Beverley – yes the one on our website. A one hour reading lasted for over 2 hours and was incredibly accurate. She told me I had abilities and I should use them, to stop being scared and just go for it. She allowed me to join her circle and taught me about protection, healing and spirit. It was just like coming home. The angels came through to me in droves. She also became a good friend in the process and alone with my angel is still teaching me now.

The rest as they say is history but without these three wise and talented mediums I think I would still be in that office.

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