Acceptance Leads To Change

April 12, 2016

It could be a real challenge to accept ourselves, our lives, or the reality that we live. Sometimes, we don’t like our future prospects, or an aspect of our personality, or looks. In reality, acceptance, means treating ourselves as valid and whole, but it can be something really hard to do, specially if we are unhappy with the way we live our lives. The truth is that only when you accept yourself exactly how you are, you are able to change. This is because change is built on a foundation of self-compassion and self-acceptance. All the negative aspects about yourself, that you spend time resisting, tend to persist, in spite of your best efforts to get rid of them. Acceptance is the first step to long lasting changes because the more we fight against our demons, the stronger they get.

We need to allow ourselves a quiet period before we can blossom. Embracing change starts with accepting your thoughts, memories, feelings, and bodily sensations. Learning to accept what cannot be changed is essencial in order to experience inner peace. Being open to new challenges is the best way to see things in life differently, and have an easier time of re-evaluating our lives. Accepting our past mistakes and our history and our current context, is a very powerful tool to make important behavioural changes.

The path of acceptance allows us to increase our knowledge and reach a stage, where we can change and improve certain situations that we could do nothing about before. It brings us an opportunity to start anew, to consider all possibilities. We usually refuse to to step out of our comfort zones because we get attached to old habits and our lifestyle, but we need to keep in mind that only when we embrace change we will find that different opportunities will present themselves.

Different choices can bring us fulfilment and happiness. habits never disappear; they must be replaced with new habits. If you are finding it difficult to practice self acceptance, don’t be so hard on yourself, because some people are better able to practice acceptance than others. This happens because some of us are less judgmental than others. If we are highly judgmental, we will easily reject ourselves and other people. True self-acceptance is motivated by the possibility of knowing our true essence, including our flaws, allowing us to have greater compassion, both for others and also for ourselves.

Embracing change is all about looking at past mistakes as opportunities for learning, healing and growth. Disliking or even hating ourselves or our past actions is very draining not only on the body, but on the mind. Being compassionate with yourself, can allow you to introduce new habits and revert any previous unwanted behaviour you may have. It is very important to silence the constant critical inner voice which reminds us of our inadequacies, in order to accept that we are good enough, and do something about what we don’t like in our lives.

Connect with your loved ones, engage in pleasant and nourishing activities and you will discover insights into your life and pay more attention to certain aspects of it. Remember that when you attempt to make big, immediate changes, you oftentimes give up because you feel overwhelmed. Try to be honest with yourself, because you are not able to fix anything until you admit that you have a problem in the first place. Positive changes happen when we persist in the face of challenge, accept our circumstances, and explore the choices we have in order to grow in meaningful ways.

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