Couple holding hands in the sunset.

Soul Mates

November 30, 2016

There are people who we were meant to meet in life. We can find a soul mate, or a spiritual partner, when we least expect it. We are always evolving, and so are our romantic relationships. Sometimes we don’t truly realise which type of relationship we had until long after it’s passed, and the lessons Read more…

Believe In Yourself Confident Encourage Motivation Concept

Heart Desire’s

November 24, 2016

Our emotions are a fuel which makes our thoughts powerful. When we think that we are not capable of dealing with the problems in our lives, we make everything impossible to conquer. Self-reflection and self-discovery may help you realise things about yourself that you didn’t really know. Being compassionate towards yourself, allows you to think Read more…

There are No Endings Just New Beginnings Saying Sticky Notes


November 17, 2016

Changing Your Destiny If you are not happy with how you live your life right now, and believe fate has been unkind to you, it is time to reclaim control of your life. If you believe that you cannot change fate, you need to understand that you make your own reality. The decisions you make, Read more…

Trust yourself sign


November 10, 2016

Anxiety is an unpleasant feeling that we all experience at times. When we are anxious we normally experience a variety of emotions and uncomfortable physical sensations. If you suffer from anxiety, it can affect you mental state as well. Worry and fear can make you worry for large periods of time, and if you nurture Read more…

Never lose faith

Judging Other’s

November 2, 2016

Do You Judge Others All The Time? We are all diverse and we all have different lifestyles and reasons for making our own choices in life. Judgmental people tend to try to be in control all the time, but in order to live a happier life, is important to overcome judging others. We need to Read more…